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Quotes About Waiting An Answer

Its so strange how one choice can derail so many lives. It was so huge to me, I expected her answer to change everything, but it didnt. I guess thats life, right? You never really know whats waiting for you. You never really know whats going to happen or why. You just have to be able to deal with it. Big or small.
— Nyrae Dawn —

You remember?' he said incredulously. 'What could you possibly remember?' he asked, staring at her, waiting for the answer.
The beauty from within her soul shined brightly through her loving eyes as she looked deep into Noah's now melting eyes.
'I remember - I love you,' she said in a soft voice, nervously biting her lip.

— Sebastian Cole

Nikki : I think he makes women question their position in life through their association with the dichotomy of his physical power and his whole feminine mystique. That's the part of Travis I'm always trying to capture. The tension. You must have felt it in the studio.
She was serious. He could tell by the tone of her voice. And again, unbelievably, she was waiting for an answer.
Kid : Uh ... no.
Nikki : You didn't feel the tension ?
Kid : Yeah, there was tension. I just didn't realize it was the dichotomy of Travis' physical powers and his,uh,feminine mystique creating it. I thought it was the paint and the hellish death motif, not to mention the,uh,sheer demonic luridness of the eternity-sucking vortex.

— Tara Janzen

Once Spencer was safely out of the shop, John yanked her around to face him and said, 'What the hell do you think you're doing?'
Before she had a chance to answer him, Alex showed up at his side, grabbed Emma similarly and hissed, 'What the hell do you think you're doing?'
Persephone looked at Dunford and smiled, waiting for her turn, but much to her disappointment, he just stood there and glared at all three women.

— Julia Quinn

I tell them to bring him in. He comes in smiling in triumph. And he can't speak English. After his hours of waiting we cannot talk. I feel rather sorry for him and we do our best. Finally, with the aid of about everyone in the hotel he manages to ask: "Do you like France?" "Yes," I answer. He is satisfied.

— Charlie Chaplin

Lirael didn't answer either question. She just looked at him, waiting for him to talk. He met her gaze at first, then faltered and looked away. There was something unnerving about her eyes. A toughness he had never seen in the young women he knew from the debutante parties in Corvere. It was partly this that made him talk, and partly a desire to impress her with his knowledge and intelligence.

— Garth Nix

Then it became clear that it was a song, the loneliest sort of song because the notes changed so little, like one bird calling and waiting for another to answer. It was as lonely a sound as she'd ever heard.

— Ron Rash

Sometimes in Dohnavur we, who dearly love the little children about us (and the older ones too), have looked up from some engrossing work to see a child beside us, waiting quietly. And when, with a welcoming hand held out, to the Tamil "I have come," we have asked "For what?" thinking, perhaps, of something to be confessed, or wanted, the answer has come back, "Just to love you." So do we come, Lord Jesus; we have no service to offer now; we do not come to ask for anything not even for guidance. We come just to love Thee.

— Amy Carmichael

Inside each of us dwells a more-perfect self waiting to unfold. It cries loudly for release, yet it is sometimes ignored. To answer its call, you must take time to listen.

— DeBarra Mayo

Above all, what I learned from my Sensei was how to wait. I believe I learned the meaning of waiting on one foot. If I understand anything in this life, it is how to wait. It is not an answer. But for me it is everything.

— Sadaharu Oh

A great gift is an answer waiting for a question.

— Kevin Kling

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