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Quotes About Vows In Marriage

When youre old-fashioned like I am, you know marriage is forever. Those vows are a promise.
— Brad Paisley —

The importance of falling in love lies not in how it feels, but in what it perceives. And as always with our feelings, the key moral issue is how truthful the perception is ... Falling in love is a sign that this might be someone with whom you could make a good marriage. Still, it's not enough, because the feeling is not always as perceptive as it should be ... So falling in love is not the basis for a good marriage. It's not even a requirement. Marriage does not depend on falling in love; it depends on the promises you make to each other in your wedding vows and then spend a lifetime keeping. As many people have pointed out, you can't promise how you'll feel. But you can promise to cultivate a virtue, such as the virtue of love.

— Phillip Cary

Freydis and Ref are in a world of their own, a world of love and pain, wrapped in marriage vows.

— Heather Day Gilbert

Marriage is two imperfect people committing themselves to a perfect institution, by making perfect vows from imperfect lips before a perfect God.

— Myles Munroe

But if Hugh dies first, would I ever be able to stop saying, "we" and say "I"? I doubt it. I do not think that death can take away the fact that Hugh and I are "we" and "us," a new creature born of the time of our marriage vows, which has grown along with us as our marriage has grown. Even during the times, inevitable in all marriages, when I have felt angry, or alienated, the instinctive "we" remains. And most growth has come during times of trial.

— Madeleine L'Engle

It is in the very nature of conjugal love to be definitive. The lasting union expressed by the marriage vows is more than a formality or a traditional formula; it is rooted in the natural inclinations of the human person. For believers, it is also a covenant before God that calls for fidelity.

— Pope Francis

When you're old-fashioned like I am, you know marriage is forever. Those vows are a promise.

— Brad Paisley

As I grew up and began identifying myself as a feminist, there were plenty of issues that continued to make me question marriage: the father 'giving' the bride away, women taking their husband's last name, the white dress, the vows promising to 'obey' the groom. And that only covers the wedding.

— Jessica Valenti

But, I knew I didn't believe in
divorce. You couldn't make vows and just break them. If I married a woman, I was going to stay married. I wouldn't treat marriage like a lease. Ever.

— Tarryn Fisher

Marriage and parenting are the two strongest vows anyone will ever make. When you see these commitments being carelessly discarded, you can be certain that the ethics of that generation have been abandoned. ... What our society needs is a good dose of biblical ethic from God's people - the kind of ethic that requires us to keep our word no matter what the costs. Situational ethics have so shaped our society that even God's people have lost the concept of absolutes when it comes to keeping our word.

— Larry Burkett

In many instances, marriage vows would be more accurate if the phrase were changed to 'Until debt do us part'.

— Sam Ewing

Fidelity to one's marriage vows is absolutely essential for love, trust and peace

— Ezra Taft Benson

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