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Quotes About Voltaire

Ideas are like beards. Men dont have them until they grow up. Somebody said that, but I cant remember who." "Voltaire," the younger man said. He rubbed his chin and smiled, a cheerful, unaffected smile. "Voltaire might be off the mark, though, when it comes to me. I have hardly any beard at all, but have loved thinking about things since I was a kid." His face was indeed smooth, with no hint of a beard. His eyebrows were narrow, but thick, his ears nicely formed, like lovely seashells. "I wonder if what Voltaire meant wasnt ideas as much as meditation," Tsukuru said. The man inclined his head a fraction. "Pain is what gives rise to meditation. It has nothing to do with age, let alone beards.
— Haruki Murakami —

For all the enlightened nations that profess a loyalty to liberty, democracy, economy and all the rest, there has long been a readiness to look for a chosen one; as Carlyle pointed out, even the French, those great anti-venerators, those relentless beheaders of Great Men, worshipped Voltaire.

— Chris Anderson

Those who are absent, by its means become present: correspondence is the consolation of life. -VOLTAIRE, Philosophical Dictionary

— Colin Dexter

If God is always on the side of the big battalions as Voltaire says, then, let us not waste our time with little detachments!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

And I think it was a great Frenchman, Voltaire, who said that the beginning of wisdom is the moment when one understands how little concerned with one's own life are other men, they who are so desperately preoccupied with their own. I knew nothing about you and that boy, nothing at all.

— William Styron

Joy is my character,
tis the fault of Voltaire.
Misery is my trousseau,
tis the fault of Rousseau.

— Victor Hugo

One does not arrest Voltaire.

— Charles De Gaulle

Candide by Voltaire,

— Louis L’Amour

Pascal and Voltaire both probably had IQs in the neighborhood of 200.

— Paul Popenoe

There is something frightful in being required to enjoy and appreciate all masterpieces; to read with equal relish Milton, and Dante, and Calderon, and Goethe, and Homer, and Scott, and Voltaire, and Wordsworth, and Cervantes, and Molière, and Swift.

— Agnes Repplier

Despots govern by terror. They know that he who fears God fears nothing else; and therefore they eradicate from the mind, through their Voltaire, their Helvetius, and the rest of that infamous gang, that only sort of fear which generates true courage.

— Edmund Burke

At least five times, with the Arian and the Albigensian, with the Humanist skeptic, after Voltaire and after Darwin, the Christian Faith has to all appearance, gone to the dogs? But, in each of these five cases, it was the dog that died.

— Gilbert K. Chesterton

Mock on, mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau! Mock on, mock on: 'Tis all in vain! You throw the sand against the wind, And the wind blows it back again. And every sand becomes a gem Reflected in the beams divine; Blown back they blind the mocking eye, But still in Israel's paths they shine. The atoms of Democritus And Newton's particles of light Are sands upon the Red Sea shore, Where Israel's tents do shine so bright.

— William Blake

We think we live in a global village. We don't. The world is a big and beautiful and incredibly varied place. It can only be known locally, with your two feet on the ground. We should stick to our own gardens, as Voltaire said.

— Yann Martel

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