Quotes About Violence In Movies

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Quotes About Violence In Movies

The use of violence in movies is a subject thats worth addressing. Im not standing on a soapbox or wagging a finger, but Im interested in those subjects for sure.
— Naomi Watts —

Violence is so terribly fast ... the most perverse thing about the movies is the way they portray it in slow motion, allowing it to be something sensuous ... the viewer's lips slightly wet as the scene plays out. Violence is nothing like that. It is lightning fast, chaotic, and totally intangible.

— Jim Carroll

I worked on movies with a lot of violence when I was a cinematographer, and it always bothered me. It's a personal thing. I wouldn't want my kids to see it. I certainly believe that freedom of expression shouldn't be taken away, but I also believe you can make movies that are thrilling and exciting without too much violence.

— Jan De Bont

I don't like to go to the movies to see violence or some kind of spy thing with all kinds of information you have to assimilate to understand the plot.

— Pia Zadora

Jesus is a half-naked guy, hanging, nailed to a cross, and then people wear that around their neck, and then those are the people that are upset about violence in movies.

— Marilyn Manson

Mediocrity is no answer to violence. In fact, it probably invites violence. At least the mediocre and the violent appear together as in the old Western movies - the ruffian outlaw band shooting up main street and the little white church with the little white schoolteacher wringing her hands. To cool violence you need rhythm, humor, tempering; you need dance and rhetoric. Not therapeutic understanding.

— James Hillman

I don't like violence in movies, I'm not a kind of Tarantino fan. But sometimes it's necessary.

— Fatih Ak?n

Hopefully we'll get to a point where there are absolutely no restrictions on any kind of violence in movies. I'd love to see us get to a point where you can go to theaters and see movies unrated and that people know its not real violence. It's all pretend. It's all fake. It's just acting. It's just magic tricks.

— Eli Roth

Violence in real life is terrible; violence in movies can be cool. It's just another colour to work with.

— Quentin Tarantino

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