Quotes About Unattainable Love

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Quotes About Unattainable Love

Love is terrifying and hard and awful but its also amazing and beautiful, and theres something about us, as humans, that wants that perfect relationship even though we know its probably unattainable, and even if we do manage to get it, holding on to t, helping it grow into something that will last a lifetime, well ... its daunting in its impossibility.
— Ted Michael —

In mysticism that love of truth which we saw as the beginning of all philosophy leaves the merely intellectual sphere, and takes on the assured aspect of a personal passion. Where the philosopher guesses and argues, the mystic lives and looks; and speaks, consequently, the disconcerting language of first-hand experience, not the neat dialectic of the schools. Hence whilst the Absolute of the metaphysicians remains a diagram -impersonal and unattainable-the Absolute of the mystics is lovable, attainable, alive.

— Evelyn Underhill

I mean, what if you don't get over him? What if you just learn how to get on without him? People who've been in love have that haunted look in their eyes. It's like a piece of them is unattainable, forever held back and protected at all cost.

— H.M. Ward

And her dreams that didn't happen, that couldn't have happened because she'd pinned them on somebody too broken and unattainable to love her back.

— Janette Rallison

We wither from our youth; we gasp with unslaked thirst for unattainable good; lured from the first to the last by phantoms-love, fame, ambition, avarice-all idle, and all ill-one meteor of many names, that vanishes in the smoke of death.[8]

— Thomas Love Peacock

I think you have a great women's ministry when the women of your community fall wildly in love with Jesus. Church ladies like this are the overflow of women who are empowered to lead, to challenge, to seek justice and love mercy, to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth like our church mothers and fathers of the past.
You have a great women's ministry when there is room for everyone. You have a great women's ministry when you have detoxed from the world's views and unattainable standards for women and begun to celebrate the everyday women of valor, sitting next to you, and when you encourage, affirm, and welcome the diversity of women
their lives, their voices, their experiences
to the community.
You have a great women's ministry when your women are ministering
to the world, to the church, to one another
pouring out freely the grace they have received, however God has gifted them, including cooking and crafts, strategy and leadership.

— Sarah Bessey

When you fall in love with favourite movie stars, it's not because they're movie stars and unattainable, but because they show you sides of themselves that are extremely personal.

— Sarah Gadon

It was the end for me. And yet not an end. In all the years which have since elapsed she remains the woman I loved and lost, the unattainable one [ ... ] I see myself forever and ever as the ridiculous man, the lonely soul, the wanderer, the restless frustrated artist, the man in love with love, always in search of the absolute, always seeking the unattainable.
-Henry Miller, Stand Still like the Hummingbird (1962)

— Henry Miller

As a leader, you must be filled with energy and eagerness, joy and love for what you do. If you lack enthusiasm for your job, you cannot perform to the best of your ability. Industriousness is unattainable without Enthusiasm.

— John Wooden

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