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Quotes About U R My Everything

So,Jules gets a smile,huh?" I could feel his eyes on me,waiting for a response. He hadnt tried to talk to me since that first day,and his voice directed at me again did strange things to me.Made my stomach flutter. Of course, Jack had always had that power over me. I kept my eyes down,but I couldnt stop my lips from turning upward. "I see that," he said.Jack always saw everything.
— Brodi Ashton —

Put a higher value on yourself. Being hyper-realistic about everything is too simple a get-out.

— J.G. Ballard

They all know the truth, that there are only three subjects worth talking about. At least here in these parts," he says, "The weather, which, as they're farmers, affects everything else. Dying and birthing, of both people and animals. And what we eat - this last item comprising what we ate the day before and what we're planning to eat tomorrow. And all three of these major subjects encompass, in one way or another, philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology, the physical sciences, history, art, literature, and religion. We get around to sparring about all that counts in life but we usually do it while we're talking about food, it being a subject inseparable from every other subject. It's the table and the bed that count in life. And everything else we do, we do so we can get back to the table, back to the bed.

— Marlena De Blasi

The lampstand was position strategically to do one things: cast its light on the table and on the bread that represented God's provision and presence. For generations the lampstand of the tabernacle stood to highlight the object that best represented God's goodness and provision, the same object that Jesus would one day use to symbolize His own body. (Jesus compares church to a lampstand in Revelation- a strong reminder of the church's responsibility). Everything about these churches 0 their teaching, practices, and work
was challenged for one reason in Revelation: They were losing their effectiveness as God's light to their communities.

— Reggie Joiner

Joy, you are my everything. You are everything that matters to me. Tell me that you understand. Tell me that you feel this, too.

— Dawn Metcalf

Thank you for making everything beautiful just by being. -Gabriel

— Sylvain Reynard

That's where proper stories begin, don't they, when the handsome stranger arrives and everything goes wrong?

— Franny Billingsley

I loved Fugazi, the D.C. hardcore band, because they always did everything themselves. They had their own label, and the CDs always cost nine dollars, the T-shirts always cost eight dollars, the shows always cost five dollars, no major label.

— Spike Jonze

Kids don't say, "Wait." They say, "Wait up, hey wait up!" Because when you're little, your life is up. The future is up. Everything you want is up. "Hold up. Shut up! Mum, I'll clean up. Let me stay up!" Parents, of course, are just the opposite. Everything is down. "Just calm down. Slow down. Come down here! Sit down. Put ... that ... down."

— Jerry Seinfeld

I think maybe written films are better than real films. You can see them in your head and yet everything is exactly as you want it to be.

— Hal Hartley

You talk as if a god had made the Machine," cried the other. "I believe that you pray to it when you are unhappy. Men made it, do not forget that. Great men, but men. The Machine is much, but not everything.

— E. M. Forster

I didn't deny nothing I believe. I'm still the same everything.

— Muhammad Ali

Atheism cheapens everything it touches - look at the results of communism, the most powerful form of atheism on earth.

— Peter Kreeft

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