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Quotes About Tying Knots

All that time tying herself up in knots because she simply couldnt think of  a good reason not to be with him
— Chris Manby —

Give us privacy," James told him, his voice sharp. The man beat a hasty retreat. James shut and locked the door behind him.  Handy that, a lock. He started loosening his tie.  When it was untied, he hooked a finger into the hoop at my neck.  He pushed my back to the wall.  Or rather, the door.  He reached above my head and I looked up.  There was a coat hanger above me, hooked over the top of the tall door.  James was tying his tie to it with swift, sure motions.  He pulled my arms up and together, wrapping the tie around them, tying more swift knots around my wrists.  This took longer, and I watched those skillful hands with rapt attention. "This is going to get loud, Bianca.  I'm going to fuck you so hard that you scream my name.  And you are going to scream so loudly that nobody will doubt just why you're screaming.  Would you like to tell me what you and Roger were talking about before I'm inside of you?  Or will this be a mid-fuck confession?

— R.K. Lilley

We thought we were tying our marriage-knots more tightly by removing all means of undoing them;22 but the tighter we pulled the knot of constraint the looser and slacker became the knot of our will and affection. In Rome, on the contrary, what made marriages honoured and secure for so long a period was freedom to break them at will. Men loved their wives more because they could lose them; and during a period when anyone was quite free to divorce, more than five hundred years went by before a single one did

— Michel De Montaigne

Hey. What did you do to your - I mean, you look different." My cheeks go immediately hot. Not that your average onlooker can tell, given all the makeup I'm wearing. "Frankie and I were just messing around this morning." "Oh," he says, tying the paper from his straw into little knots. "It looks nice, I mean. I just can't see you, that's all." I make a mental note to ditch the makeup tomorrow. Then I get mad at myself for letting some boy that I just met dictate what I do with my own face. Then I get mad at myself for getting mad at myself and remember that I, too, prefer the natural look.

— Sarah Ockler

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