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Quotes About Trout

It is well known that no person who regards his reputation will ever kill a trout with anything but a fly. It requires some training on the part of the trout to take to this method.
— Charles Dudley Warner —

My father was very sure about certain matters pertaining to the universe. To him all good things-trout as well as eternal salvation-come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.

— Norman Maclean

Renee: "Trout, get your mind out of the gutter."
Trout: "Can't help it-it's attached to my body.

— John C. Stipa

So when I'm up here it feeds, for lack of a better word, nostalgia about my youth. Some people get that way when they see a baseball field or smell trout on the grill. I get that feeling from vertigo and the Freudian fantasy of falling to my certain death on the pavement.

— Shane Kuhn

I remember mistaking an old woman for a trout stream in Vermont, and I had to beg her pardon.

— Richard Brautigan

The fish was a twelve-inch rainbow trout with a huge hump on its back. A hunchback trout.

— Richard Brautigan

His own eyes were soft and dreamy, cloudy as a trout pool in the rain.

— Diana Gabaldon

It was The Gospel From Outer Space, by Kilgore Trout. It was about a visitor from outer space ... [who] made a serious study of Christianity, to learn, if he could, why Christians found it so easy to be cruel. He concluded that at least part of the trouble was slipshod storytelling in the New Testament. He supposed that the intent of the Gospels was to teach people, among other things, to be merciful, even to the lowest of the low. But the Gospels actually taught this: Before you kill somebody, make absolutely sure he isn't well connected. So it goes. The flaw in the Christ stories, said the visitor from outer space, was that Christ, who didn't look like much, was actually the Son of the Most Powerful Being in the Universe. Readers understood that, so, when they came to the crucifixion, they naturally thought ... : "Oh, boy - they sure picked the wrong guy to lynch that time!" And that thought had a brother: "There are right people to lynch." Who? People not well connected. So it goes.

— Kurt Vonnegut

I doubt if I shall ever outgrow the excitement bordering on panic which I feel the instant I know I have a strong, unmanageable fish, be it brook trout, brown trout, cutthroat, rainbow, steelhead or salmon on my line.

— Ed Weeks

A Gustave Courbet portrait of a trout has more death in it than Rubens could get in a whole Crucifixion.

— Robert Hughes

I love cooking all different things, so any form of meat, fish, anything else. I do have a really strict diet, but it's all protein and veg basically. When you are on a diet like that you have to get inventive, so you have to be willing to try any different fish that's out there. Probably a favourite of mine is some baked trout fillets, on a salad.

— Greg Rutherford

A trout fisherman is something that defieth understanding.

— Corey Ford

Customers must be delicately angled for at a safe distance - show yourself too much, and, like trout, they flashed away.

— Mary Augusta Ward

It is utterly soothing to fly fish for trout. All other considerations or worries drift away and you couldn't keep them close if you wanted. Perhaps it's standing thigh deep in a river with the water passing at the exact but varying speed of life. You easily recognize this mortality and it dissipates into the landscape.

— Jim Harrison

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