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Quotes About Transistors

Its amazing. Its actually build from old Siemens Telefunken transistors from the 60ties. There is like 10 in there. Its the most powerful distortion you can have. It does not only do distortion, it does so many weird things. You cant control it, its sound different all the time. But its an endless source for fantastic sounds. For example the track "Transit" is entirely made with this box. You have to put the guitar sound in. Its like a pedal.
— Christian Fennesz —

By the 1980's and 1990's, Moore's Law had emerged as the underlying assumption that governed almost everything in the Valley, from technology to business, education, and even culture. The "law" said the number of transistors would double every couple of years. It dictated that nothing stays the same for more than a moment; no technology is safe from its successor; costs fall and computing power increases not at a constant rate but exponentially: If you're not running on what became known as " Internet time," you're falling behind.

— John Markoff

The discovery of the Quantized Hall Effect (QHE) was the result of systematic measurements on silicon field effect transistors - the most important device in microelectronics.

— Klaus Von Klitzing

I guess you're familiar with Moore's Law? This states that the number of transistors that can be placed on an integrated circuit-which basically means memory size and processing speed-will double every eighteen months, and costs will halve. Moore's Law has held with amazing consistency since 1965, and it still holds.

— Robert Harris

Let the people decide through the marketplace mechanism what they wish to see and hear. Why is there this national obsession to tamper with this box of transistors and tubes when we don't do the same for Time magazine?

— Mark S. Fowler

Moore's Law - The number of transistors and resistors on a chip doubles every 24 months

— Gordon Moore

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