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Quotes About Track Record

All I can do is just do stuff while I am alive and hopefully that track record will speak for itself.
— Henry Rollins —

We have a large public that is very ignorant about public affairs and very susceptible to simplistic slogans by candidates who appear out of nowhere, have no track record, but mouth appealing slogans

— Zbigniew Brzeziski

Stupid girl, I thought. How many hands must he have held before mine? How many girls must have fallen for a lifetime into those bright green eyes only to hit rock bottom. Girls whose hearts he'd broken and left to pick up the pieces of a shattered fantasy lost to male ego and the need to break more. And this was why my track record with men was so pathetic. It didn't matter how well crafted the act was, or even how poorly crafted, I always fell. And hard.

— Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Always demand proof of nirvana before you start following messiahs who're selling it to you. Those guys don't exactly have the greatest track record in the universe.

— Peter F. Hamilton

Your statistical track record for decision-making is somewhat concerning.

— Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Pro football was taking off when I became commissioner, and when a sport's successful and you're its chief executive officer, much of the credit flows to you and you develop a good track record.

— Pete Rozelle

To be powerful in South America, you have to be transparent and you have to have a very clean reputation. Transparency for me today is a magic word in South America. Power comes from transparency and a track record of execution.

— Eike Batista

But instead, Democrats are so bent on seeing Republicans as a bunch of angry, right wing, intolerant, unreliable extremists that they have a track record of missing the mood of the country, especially the sentiment of people who don't wake up to 'The New York Times.'

— Ari Fleischer

I think that most of my romance comes out in my music. And if you look at my track record of three ex-wives, maybe there's something to that.

— David Foster

I have a great track record, and I have never been sued. If I can't find someone for someone, I refer them out. I have an affiliate division of matchmakers all over the world that I work with. Men like certain types of women, and I can subcontract that out to foreign countries.

— Patti Stanger

If crime is going down, you shouldn't be increasing resources for crime prevention. Or you should be taking note of what has worked and concentrate the crime-prevention methods on policies that have a track record of success.

— Steven Pinker

I don't have the best dating track record.

— Lauren Conrad

We are well-placed internationally right now and this government has been very clear in stating that our continued concern and vision for this country is to see that long-term economic growth and prosperity, build on the track record of one million net new jobs. These are things Canadians want
to have steady hands on the tiller and that's what's been done today.

— Michelle Rempel

The success factor is a combination of intuition and honestly, it's mostly only intuition. A design business is inherently dependent upon the intuition of its chief designer. Luckily I have a track record that if you show me five pairs of shoes I will almost always pick the one pair that will sell the best. It's just a gift I have for mass taste - a link with what people want in a certain moment in time.

— Monita Rajpal

We need a leader who can lower taxes, protect small businesses, and increase job creation nationwide. I have no doubt that John McCain appreciates the important role Hispanics play not only in the economy, but in our nation's culture as well
he has a track record with Hispanics for more than 20 years as a senator from Arizona. The American people need a strong leader who has the experience and the judgment to be the next President of the United States, and that man is John McCain.

— Katie Barberi

I have not suggested there's a connection between Iraq and 9/11, but there's clearly an established Iraqi track record with terror.

— Dick Cheney

Consider the track record of your naysayers. How many dreams have they successfully brought into this world?

— Sarah Ban Breathnach

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