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Quotes About Tour

Then we did what we called basically I suppose a club tour in England, which was the time I think that our second album came out, we club toured around the whole country where the venues were hold to five hundreds upwards to that sort of thing you know.
— John Deacon —

Even a poor tour guide is entitled to some happiness.

— Jacob M. Appel

When the tour is done, that's the end of the U.S. tour. We'll regroup and see what we're going to do.

— Alex Van Halen

I carry my own food around on tour; I permanently have carrier bags full of cereal and bananas.

— Alison Goldfrapp

The 2001 tour to Australia would have been a great highlight in my career if the Lions had won the series. That might sound strange because it was a great tour in many ways, but, for me, the more time goes by, the less of a career highlight it becomes, and just more of a frustration.

— Brian O'Driscoll

It's very hard to tour.

— Dee Dee Ramone

Yeah, I came in at the end of the Notorious album, played on about five tracks and then we went on a tour. Then we did another album, Big Thing, and then we started writing songs together in 1989.

— Warren Cuccurullo

I don't do interviews at all when I'm on tour, so this time, on a day off, I'll do that kind of thing a little bit. I don't do big promotion schedules, not when I'm touring.

— Bryan Ferry

I've been able to tour because of my music and I've learned a lot about myself while on the road. I think some of the imagery of my writing are snapshots of where I've been and my feelings about the world.

— Aesop Rock

Let her go. Better to waste a day than another month. Maybe a little tour of Twelve is just what she needs to convince her we're on the same side.

— Suzanne Collins

I more or less intended it (the farewell tour) to be for the United Kingdom and not so much over here, but everywhere I've worked, they've been aware this is my final tour ? my final year ? which in all likelihood is gonna be the case.

— Don Williams

I want to play on the PGA Tour.

— Michelle Wie

The first thing I do when I get there—like all of the players on tour—is apply sunscreen. One of the few hazards of the job is the wear-and-tear our skin takes from the sun.

— Karch Kiraly

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