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Quotes About Tipping

These 3 topics will always generate 100+ comments of irrational/ridiculous people: Taxes, tipping, and spending on weddings.
— Ramit Sethi —

My feeling is that an observer needs to see four hundred and fifty stars to get that feeling of infinitude, and be swept away ... and I didn't make that number up arbitrarily, that's the number of stars that are available once you get dimmer than third magnitude. So in the city, you see a dozen stars, a handful, and it's attractive to no one. And if there's a hundred stars in the sky it still doesn't do it. There's a certain tipping point where people will look and there will be that planetarium view. And now you're touching that ancient core, whether it's collective memories or genetic memories, or something else form way back before we were even human ... astronomer Bob Berman quoted in The End of Night

— Paul Bogard

But God!Who could live like this , anyway, with the kind of guesswork that was enough to make a person crazy, just sailing along, taking bumps here and there, no course navigated whatsoever, with any big wave capable of just tipping and sinking you entirely. IT was madness, stipidity, and- (then I saw him)

— Sarah Dessen

William looked at the mushrooms warily. "You know your way around these things, do you?" "I do. An archer knows all the poisons in the woods. They're useful for tipping arrows. These are perfectly harmless." He popped one in his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. "If I'm not dead by the time the bird is cooked, you will know I speak true. Now for dessert ... ." He took another cloth from inside his shirt and opened it. "Blackberries." They

— Eli Easton

I try to match Raffe's stealth and smooth coordination, but my frozen limbs are clumsy, and I have to grab him several times to keep myself from tipping over. He throws me a look with a clear message that I should deal with my issues.

— Susan Ee

Like all paradises, Topanga is pitched at the tipping point of promise and peril.

— Steve Erickson

Got it. Look, the way I see it, two people walk in the restaurant, a Methodist and an atheist. The Methodist says, I'm not going to tip because I just came from church and I've already done my good deed for the day. The atheist says, I'm not tipping because life is meaningless and we're all just animals. To me, they're both members of the same religion, because they're doing the same thing. Whatever little story they tell themselves to justify it is irrelevant. It goes the other way, too-if a Muslim and a Scientologist come in and both leave a tip, they're on the same team. It doesn't matter to me if one did it because of Allah and the other was obeying the ghost of Tom Cruise, what matters is it resulted in doing the right thing.

— David Wong

When herding behaviour among investors ramps up, a stock's or index's growth rate can increase faster than exponentially, leading to more herding. This positive feedback brings the system to a tipping point. About two-thirds of the time, a crash results.

— Didier Sornette

I returned from my last L.A. visit to find myself tipping the scales like Homer Simpson when he tries to gain enough weight to qualify as disabled to be allowed to work from home. All I was missing was his kaftan and Fat Guy Hat. So, I decided it was time to diet.

— John Niven

When my assistant strolled into my office one idle Tuesday morning, I had no way of knowing this would be the moment everything changed. A series of dominoes tipping with a clack, all leading to an unexpected and crazy end. One I fear I won't ever recover from.

— Kelly Moran

Women can do anything men can do. Except math, chess, running, jumping, lifting stuff, fixing things, making money, hockey, surfing, driving, making decisions, being tall, taking out the garbage, tipping, fishing, being funny (on purpose), reading a map, listening to good bands, writing, running the country, inventing anything important, or being fun to hang out with.

— Daniel Tosh

I'm keeping a lot of things from you."
My insides took a steep dive. "Like?"
"Like the way I feel about being locked up in here with you." Patch braced one hand against the mirror behind me, his weight tipping toward me. "You have no idea what you do to me.

— Becca Fitzpatrick

Put me down."
"Nope." He held her snuggled to his bare chest, tipping her up so he could rub his cheek against hers. "I like carrying you.

— Cherise Sinclair

The South was at the point where the scale was tipping against slavery. It was slowly dawning on the plantation owners that slave labor was not economic, besides being morally wrong. Slavery was destined to be abolished, whether for economic reasons or moral reasons matters not, but the international intriguers were not going to wait for voluntary abolition to rob them of their trump card.

— John Coleman

Right now over 70 percent of the world population is convinced that something serious has to be done about the dangers facing the planet ... Most of humanity wants to know how to make the change. It's one of those tipping-point times where things can change unbelievably fast ...

— Paul Ray

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