Quotes About Ties That Bind

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Quotes About Ties That Bind

You only have to glance at the daily news to see how passions are stirred by claims of exclusive loyalty to ones own kin, ones own clan, ones own country, and ones own church. These ties that bind are vital to our communities and our lives, but they can also be twisted into a noose.
— Bill Moyers —

Love is the sum of our choices, the strength of our commitments, the ties that bind us together.

— Emily Giffin

Olivia watched him through a blur of tears, despising the futility of it. For there was nothing she could say to comfort a man whose family was long dead; there was no balm to heal wounds that scored a man's soul; and there was no way to make a man believe in the ties that bind.

— Laura Lee Guhrke

Can you feel the ties that bind us? Can you feel them tightening? Because I can, they're so tight that I can scarcely breathe.

— Nenia Campbell

Rules and responsibilities: these are the ties that bind us. We do what we do, because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves. I will do what I have to do. And I will do what I must.

— Neil Gaiman

Industry rests on the iron law of economic determination. All history reveals that economic interests are the strongest ties that bind men together. That is not because men's hearts are evil & selfish. It is only a result of the inexorable law of life. The desire to live is the basic principle that compels men & women to seek a more suitable environment, so that they may live better & more happily.

— Helen Keller

One thing you have got to do politically is to identify the ties that bind society together and try to strengthen them.

— Boris Johnson

The ties we form through the Internet are not, in the end, the ties that bind. But they are the ties that preoccupy.

— Sherry Turkle

I have broken all ties that bind me to the (U.S.) Army, not suddenly, impulsively, but conscientiously and after due deliberation. I sacrifice more to my principles than any other officer in the Army can do. I would rather carry a musket in the cause of the South than be commander-in-chief under Mr. Lincoln.

— Edmund Kirby Smith

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