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Quotes About This Weekend

I hope you can grow a third kidney, Drew," Erin says. "Because if Mathew, Jack and Steven ever need one at the same time, youre going to have to hand them over." ( ... ) "Book Jack a table at Scores this weekend. One me" Nothing says thank you like a prepaid stripper.
— Emma Chase —

So I hear we get to go to town this weekend. Want to catch a movie or something?
P.S. That is, if Jimmy doesn't mind.
Translation: This weekend might be a good chance for us to see each other outside our school in a social environment, free of competetiton. I do not view other boys as threats, and I enjoy making them seem insignificant by calling them the wrong names. (Translation by Macey McHenry)

— Ally Carter

Dear Mom,
I won't be home this weekend because I'm wanted for treason and I have to clear my name. Also, I took the last Sprite from the fridge.
Love, Steve

— Mac Barnett

I think I'm going to go. I'll see you this weekend. And just so you know, holding grudges gives you premature wrinkles."
"Yeah, well, in this case, not holding them would make you a wrinkle-less fool.

— Priscilla Glenn

Stop doing things that waste time. Don't replace time with your family or things that you need to do. I needed to put together two fantasy teams this weekend because that's something I enjoy, but I did stop playing Nintendo Wii for hours on end.

— Gary Vaynerchuk

The last thing I want my child to see is Dad running around in the middle of the pack. That would really upset me. And that would upset him. I would be embarrassed to take him to school with kids saying, 'Hey, how'd your dad do this weekend?' 'Well, he finished fifth or sixth'.

— Dan Wheldon

What about you, Sage? I know we don't have to worry about you violating the dress code. Did you have fun at your Alchemist spa this weekend?

— Richelle Mead

Their callous indifference to the plight of children streaming across the border, fleeing horrific circumstances in their own country. Republicans are simply strangled by extremism. There is no more establishment, or middle or moderate wing. You've got the Steve King wing of the Republican Party today, who raised the specter of impeachment this weekend.

— Debbie Wasserman Schultz

It's the first day of spring. That means this weekend I'll take down my Christmas lights.

— David Letterman

President Bush fell off his bicycle this weekend and you know what was really sad? It's a stationary bike.

— Jay Leno

A top aide to Donald Trump says he quit the campaign this weekend because of Trump's public feuds, but Trump said he was fired. When asked what he was fired for, Trump said, 'Quitting!'

— Jimmy Fallon

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