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Quotes About Thinking You Found The One

Well, good night," he said cheerfully. "Thanks for dinner." "Oh. Right." I took a half step back toward the house. "Youre welcome." "Ella." "Yeah?" "Youve gotta be kidding." PECo hadnt some yet, so it was pretty dark where we were standing. I dont know how his hand found mine so fast, but one second I was thinking about how much I didnt want to say good night, and the next I was up against his chest, standing on my toes with my feet between his. "Is this okay?" he asked, his breath chocolaty and warm against my forehead. "Yeah," I answered, my own breath coming in quick little jumps. "Yeah." "Good.I have something I have to tell you." I waited. "I hate that Klimt painting," he said. "I really hate it." Then he was folding me into his coat and his face was right above mine, and there was only one kiss that mattered.
— Melissa Jensen —

Golosh Street is an interesting locality. All the oddities of trade seemed to have found their way thither and made an eccentric mercantile settlement. There is a bird-shop at one corner. Immediately opposite is an establishment where they sell nothing but ornaments made out of the tinted leaves of autumn, varnished and gummed into various forms. Further down is a second-hand book-stall. There is a small chink between two ordinary-sized houses, in which a little Frenchman makes and sells artificial eyes, specimens of which, ranged on a black velvet cushion, stare at you unwinkingly through the window as you pass, until you shudder and hurry on, thinking how awful the world would be if everyone went about without eyelids. Madame Filomel, the fortune-teller, lives at No. 12 Golosh Street, second storey front, pull the bell on the left-hand side. Next door to Madame is the shop of Herr Hippe, commonly called the Wondersmith.
("The Wondersmith")

— Fitz-James O'Brien

I don't get it," Clarence whispered to me. "We're the only ones in the place. When are your friends supposed to get here?"
"Why, bab?" asked the cream pitcher, its top opening and closing like a tiny silver mouth. "Are you thinking about asking one of the waitresses out instead?" The chuckle that followed was a little coarser than the silvery-bell variety one usually expects from invisible spirits. Clarence let out a yelp like a dog whose tail has just found its way under a foot and was halfway to the front door before I could convince him to come back. At the other end of the long room the waitresses looked up without interest, then went back to discussing particle physics or whatever else was keeping them from bringing me a glass of water

— Tad Williams

Did you spend the entire Rebellion in the company of smugglers and lowlifes?" He probably meant this to be a cutting remark. Instead Leia found herself thinking of the first time she'd really seen Han's face-in a garbage compactor aboard the Death Star, moments before he fired his blaster at the magnetically sealed walls and nearly killed them all. Leia couldn't help smiling. "Almost, Senator Casterfo. In fact, I wound up married to one." Out

— Claudia Gray

Years after I'd seen him for the last time I found myself thinking of him unexpectedly and often. You know how certain places grow powerful in the mind with passing time. In those early morning dreams when I come back to bed after a sleepy pee and fall quickly into the narrow end of the night, there is one set of streets I keep returning to, one dim mist of railroad rooms and certain figures reappear, borderline ghosts.

— Don DeLillo

Eventually, he found the bed too comfortable for his state of mind, so he lay down on his back, his legs sprawled across the carpet. He anagrammed "yrs forever" until he found one he liked: sorry fever. And then he lay there in his fever of sorry and repeated the now memorized note in his head and wanted do cry, but instead he only felt this aching behind his solar plexus. Crying adds something: crying is you, plus tears. But the feeling Colin had was some horrible opposite of crying. It was you, minus something. He kept thinking about one word - forever - and felt the burning ache just beneath his rib cage.
It hurt like the worst ass-kicking he'd ever gotten. And he'd gotten plenty.

— John Green

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