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Quotes About The World Is Mine

I love, and the world is mine!
— Florence Earle Coates —

In a matter of moments, I awakened to a life that wasn't mine. It was like peering into a dark hidden world that I wasn't supposed to know about and that my mind didn't want to believe existed.

— Mike Ericksen

You have your world to rebuild, and I have mine.

— Ransom Riggs

Mine is the least fat diet in the world.

— Pierre Dukan

Kissed me like he had all the time in the world. Slowly at first, just a brushing of his mouth against mine, and then deeper, parting my lips with his tongue. It wasn't just a kiss. Not when his tongue danced over mine or the way he tasted me. Reece turned kissing into an art form, and if I had to attach a color to it, to get it on canvas, it would be supple shades of reds and purples.

— J. Lynn

But far, oh, far as passionate eye can reach,
And long, ah, long as rapturous eye can cling,
The world is mine: blue hill, still silver lake,
Broad field, bright flower, and the long white road
A gateless garden, and an open path:
My feet to follow, and my heart to hold.

— Edna St. Vincent Millay

[ ... ] I grew up out of that strange, dreamy childhood of mine and went into the world of reality. I met with experiences that bruised my spirit - but they never harmed my ideal world. That was always mine to retreat into at will. I learned that that world and the real world clashed hopelessly and irreconcilably; and I learned to keep them apart so that the former might remain for me unspoiled. I learned to meet other people on their own ground since there seemed to be no meeting place on mine. I learned to hide the thoughts and dreams and fancies that had no place in the strife and clash of the market place. I found that it was useless to look for kindred souls in the multitude; one might stumble on such here and there, but as a rule it seemed to me that the majority of people lived for the things of time and sense alone and could not understand my other life. So I piped and danced to other people's piping - and held fast to my own soul as best I could.

— L.M. Montgomery

I love, and the world is mine!

— Florence Earle Coates

There are two kinds of photographs: mine and other people's. I never think of what I might do myself when I look at someone else's pictures ... there is no subject in the world I have ever wanted to photograph. It's the picture, not the object, that is important to me.

— John Loengard

Making a film is like going down a mine-once you've started you bid a metaphoricalgoodbye to the daylight and the outside world for the duration.

— John Schlesinger

Maybe in this Star Wars world maybe subconsciously I was preparing myself. But I've just found all of my ideas I've been coming up with are big sci-fi things, and I wanted to do a big epic, a big space opera, and this is it. This is mine.

— Mark Millar

The whole world is looking for miracles. Every day it is dying to see miracles. But can there be any miracle More challenging, more illumining And more fulfilling Than to see and feel the infinite Beauty Of my Beloved Supreme Inside this tinier than the tiniest Gratitude-heart of mine?

— Sri Chinmoy

Processions that lack high stilts have nothing that catches the eye.
What if my great-granddad had a pair that were twenty foot high,
And mine were but fifteen foot, no modern stalks upon higher,
Some rogue of the world stole them to patch up a fence or a fire.

— William Butler Yeats

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