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Quotes About The Word Of God

Our teachers, our friends, our science, our studies, even our eyes can deceive us. But the word of God is entirely true and always true: Gods word is firmly fixed in the heavens (v. 89); it doesnt change. There is no limit to its perfection (v. 96); it contains nothing corrupt. All Gods righteous rules endure forever (v. 160); they never get old and never wear out.
— Kevin DeYoung —

Church today is mostly driven by man-made traditions and not by the biblical mandates to defend the Word of God and live by the Word of God.

— Ken Ham

The word of God is complete, and those who don't preach the word in its fullness are false teachers.

— Monica Johnson

Oh, that the young would reflect upon the influence which exciting stories have upon the mind! Can you, after such reading, open the word of God and read the words of life with

— Ellen G. White

Jesus tells us not to be misled by the voices of strangers. There are so many strange voices being heard in the religious world of our day. We must compare what they say with the Word of God.

— Billy Graham

I have never been to the North Pole, and yet I believe there is a North Pole. How do I know? I know because somebody told me. I read about it in a history book, I saw a map in a geography book, and I believe the men who wrote those books. I accept it by faith. The Bible says, "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God" [Romans 10:17 KJV].

— Billy Graham

His throne is the pulpit. He stands in Christ's stead. His message is the Word of God. Around him are immortal souls. The Savior, unseen, is beside him. The Holy Spirit broods over the congregation. Angels gaze upon the scene, and heaven and hell await the issue. What associations and what vast responsibility!

— Matthew Simpson

You wouldn't go very long without eating food; don't let your spirit starve either. Feed on the Word of God every day.

— Victoria Osteen

Wherever we see the Word of God purely preached and heard, there a church of God exists, even if it swarms with many faults.

— John Calvin

American Christianity is based more on a godless culture than it is the word of God.

— Paul Washer

I believe that very much of current Arminianism is simply ignorance of gospel doctrine; and if people began to study their Bibles, and to take the Word of God as they find it, they must inevitably, if believers, rise up to rejoice in the doctrines of grace.

— Charles Spurgeon

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