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Quotes About The What Ifs

Improv is what helped me overcome the anxiety that I was feeling sometimes. Its the thing that pushes me to be present, and to keep moving through all of the what-ifs that go through my mind.
— Emma Stone —

For those who seem to have difficulty moving forward:
"Sometimes Destiny is calling but you refuse to give in to the signs because of past hurts and baggages. Sometimes the love you are searching for all this time is just right in front of you but you remain to be blind because of fear. Because of always thinking that things may not work out right instead of telling yourself that you should move forward and get happy again.Why not think instead of how beautiful something could turn out to be if you take that chance and go for it than merely let the chance pass you by again and live a life of "what ifs" along the way?You cannot label each special person you meet in this life as "the One Who Got Away". Move forward, dear one, you just don't know how special you are in someone's eyes." -Elizabeth's Quotes

— Elizabeth E. Castillo

There's a million what-ifs in life. You just have to keep yourself from thinking about the bad ones.

— Juliette Fay

I think a lot about the might-have-beens, the what-ifs. About the little places in history where one tiny, minute change can lead to a new and unimaginable future. It's like chess, so many permutations, probabilities, choices, cross-roads ... I think a lot about the future, our future. And I see uncertainty.

— Lavie Tidhar

Only worry about what you absolutely know about,' Mr. Worthington said to me, putting my mind back where it belonged. 'That's the key. Worrying about anything else is just a waste of time and emotion. I know that seems obvious but honestly, the more information you have, the less your imagination can run away with you so the secret is to find out as much as you can about what your particular problem is ... and you'll be amazed at how this simplifies things. You no longer have to worry about the what ifs.

— Sarah-Kate Lynch

Do you think I'll let it go, that I'll hide from it because you, who's anything but a coward, is afraid of what ifs?

— Nora Roberts

History is all about 'what ifs

— Kate Atkinson

I have a billion what-ifs and no way forward.

— Miranda Kenneally

Butch, let me help you."
He cursed. "What if-"
"What ifs don't cut it." She took a deep breath. "I won't lie. I'm scared. But I don't want to turn my back on you and you're a fool to try and make me."
He shook his head, respect in his eyes. "You always been this courageous?"
"No. But it appears that for you, I guess I am. So are you going to let me in?"
"I want to. I feel like I need to.

— J.R. Ward

Life is full of what-ifs, many of which could easily have been realities, had just a few things been different.

— Julian Baggini

I wish I could have fought him for you," he said abruptly, looking back at me. His blue eyes were dark and earnest.
I smiled at him, touched.
"It wasn't your fight, it was mine. But you won it anyway." I reached out a hand, and he squeezed it.
"Aye, but that's not what I meant. If I'd fought him man to man and won, ye'd not need to feel any regret over it." He hesitated. "If ever-"
"There aren't any more ifs," I said firmly. "I thought of every one of them yesterday, and here I still am."
"Thank God," he said, smiling, "and God help you." Then he added, "Though I'll never understand why."
I put my arms around his waist and held on as the horse slithered down the last steep slope.
"Because," I said, "I bloody well can't do without you, Jamie Fraser, and that's all about it.

— Diana Gabaldon

Hell, we make our own ifs. I had better things to think about than what could have happened

— Roger Zelazny

I'm always wondering about the what-ifs, about the road not taking.

— Jenny Han

This is our life; there's no use in asking what if. No one could ever give you the answers. I try, I really do, but it's hard for me to accept this way of thinking . I'm always wondering about the what-ifs, about the road not taken.

— Jenny Han

Do not lose power over the what-ifs of your life. These are unlimited and endless. Keep your power in the now, in present time.

— Gary Zukav

The greatest sci-fis, in my mind, are two things: They're what-ifs - what if this happened, and you get to see it - but they're also these philosophical cautionary tales. They deal with the underlying themes beneath the what-if.

— Bryce Dallas Howard

The voice in your head also creates a huge amount of problems that aren't really problems. They're just things that haven't happened yet, things that could happen tomorrow or next week. Listening to unreal problems has another name: worrying. That's what the voice in your head does. It what-ifs. It frets. It agonizes, and you can no longer sense the joy of life.

— Eckhart Tolle

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