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Quotes About The Sun

When one embraces a moment of rapture from the past, either by trying to reclaim it or by refusing to let it go, how can its brightness not tarnish, turn grey with longing and sorrow, until the wild spell of the remembered interlude is lost altogether and the memory of sadness claims its rightful place in the mind? And what is it we expect from the sun-drenched past? There is no formula for re-entry, nothing we can do to enable reconstruction.
— Jane Urquhart —

Six hundred summers, she reflected.Six hundred snowy winters. Thirty-five generations of mortal
humanity. And finally, again ... the sun.

— Greg Cox

I myself have dreamed up a structure intermediate between Dyson spheres and planets. Build a ring 93 million miles in radius - one Earth orbit - around the sun. If we have the mass of Jupiter to work with, and if we make it a thousand miles wide, we get a thickness of about a thousand feet for the base.
And it has advantages. The Ringworld will be much sturdier than a Dyson sphere. We can spin it on its axis for gravity. A rotation speed of 770 m/s will give us a gravity of one Earth normal. We wouldn't even need to roof it over. Place walls one thousand miles high at each edge, facing the sun. Very little air will leak over the edges.
Lord knows the thing is roomy enough. With three million times the surface area of the Earth, it will be some time before anyone complains of the crowding.

— Larry Niven

One reads books in order to gain the privilege of living more than one life. People who don't read are trapped in a mine shaft, even if they think the sun is shining.

— Garrison Keillor

The world has PTSD. It is a veteran with a blown mind, having flashbacks as it begs the Sun for one more go-round.

— Carl-John X. Veraja

It's a secret deal. On some days, the sun shines bright on you. On some days, you've got to shine brighter than the sun.

— Sharad Vivek Sagar

He slid the photo out and raised it. The sun washed out any distinguishable characteristics. All except her eyes. He didn't need a picture to remember those. As turquoise as the waters near Cozumel, and just as warm.

— Kelly Moran

What Zograffi would have to realize was that Elie had come to the end, and there was no farther-on for him. Nothing. Emptiness.
They could do anything to him they liked. They could prescribe any punishment. But they mustn't force him to leave. That was beyond him. he would rather sit down on the curbstone and let himself die there in the sun.
He was tired. For the others, for a man like Zograffi, did that word have the terrible significance it had for him?

— Georges Simenon

When the sun sets on the American empire, as it will, as it must, Noam Chomsky's work will survive. It will point a cool incriminating finger at a merciless Machiavellian empire as cruel, self-righteous and hypocritical as the ones it has replaced. (The only difference is that it is armed with technology that can visit the kind of devastation on the world that history has never known and the human race cannot begin to imagine.)

— Arundhati Roy

It amazes me how people are so afraid of what can happen in the dark, but they don't give a second thought about their safety during the day; as if the sun offers some sort of ultimate protection from all the evil in the world. It doesn't ... Daylight won't protect you from anything, Bad things happen all the time; they don't wait until after dinner. The Sea of Tranquillity

— Katja Millay

With no small interest, Captain Delano continued to watch her
a proceeding not much facilitated by the vapors partly mantling the hull, through which the far matin light from her cabin streamed equivocally enough; much like the sun
by this time hemisphered on the rim of the horizon, and, apparently, in company with the strange ship entering the harbor
which, wimpled by the same low, creeping clouds, showed not unlike a Lima intriquante's one sinister eye peering across the Plaza from the Indian loop-hole of her dusk saya-y-manta.

— Herman Melville

The sun is born again from the womb of night," he said. "See how the light spreads, remaking the world.

— Elizabeth Peters

I took the stone bowl in both hands and poured out my time onto the ground drowning hapless insects feeding the weeds until the sun stood looking down and stole the stain. Seeing in the vessel's cup a thousand cracks a thousand cracks I looked back the way I came and saw a trail green with memories lost whoever made this bowl was a fool but the greater he who carried it. Stone

— Steven Erikson

What childishness is it that while there's breath of life in our bodies, we are determined to rush to see the sun the other way around?

— Elizabeth Bishop

Chris tilted his head to study her. "You're getting red."
"I am not embarrassed about any of this."
He rolled his eyes. "I meant from the sun. You need sunscreen if you're going to be down here. The water reflects everything, and you're fair-skinned."
"Oh." She looked at her shoulders with disinterest. Indeed, they were already turning pink.

— Lori Foster

Have you heard of the illness hysteria siberiana? Try to imagine this: You're a farmer, living all alone on the Siberian tundra. Day after day you plow your fields. As far as the eye can see, nothing. To the north, the horizon, to the east, the horizon, to the south, to the west, more of the same. Every morning, when the sun rises in the east, you go out to work in your fields. When it's directly overhead, you take a break for lunch. When it sinks in the west, you go home to sleep. And then one day, something inside you dies. Day after day you watch the sun rise in the east, pass across the sky, then sink in the west, and something breaks inside you and dies. You toss your plow aside and, your head completely empty of thought, begin walking toward the west. Heading toward a land that lies west of the sun. Like someone, possessed, you walk on, day after day, not eating or drinking, until you collapse on the ground and die. That's hysteria siberiana.

— Haruki Murakami

She looked at me for real and saw I was serious. She saw I knew she was for me like you know that tomorrow morning the sun will rise.

— Elizabeth Scott

The sun and the moon went out and no one fu****g noticed!

— Kendare Blake

The sun of the mind, and the life of the heart is Wisdom. She is pure and full of light, crowning grey hairs with lustre, And kindling the eye of youth with a fire not its own.

— Martin Farquhar Tupper

Isn't it fun to go out on the course and lie in the sun?

— Bob Hope

Oh, rather give me commentators plain, Who with no deep researches vex the brain; Who from the dark and doubtful love to run, And hold their glimmering tapers to the sun.

— George Crabbe

As cold as everything looks in winter, the sun has not forsaken us. He has only drawn away for a little, for good reasons, one of which is that we may learn that we cannot do without him.

— George MacDonald

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