Quotes About The First Automobile

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Quotes About The First Automobile

If you believe in anything very strongly including yourself and if you go after that thing alone, you end up in jail, in heaven, in the headlines, or in the largest house on the block, according to what you started after. If you dont believe in anything very strongly including yourself you go along, and enough money is made out of you to buy an automobile for some other fellows son, and you marry if youve got time, and if you do you have a lot of children, whether you have time or not, and finally you get tired and you die. If youre in the second of these two classes you have the most fun before youre twenty-five. If youre in the first, you have it afterward ... if youre in the first class youll frequently be called a darn fool or worse.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald —

However it might go, I should have no regrets. If I should be reduced to begging in the street, then I should enjoy the feel of pavement beneath my feet and the odors of asphalt and automobile exhausts. Good and bad fortune were equally attractive when viewed in such a context. Hunger was as interesting as satiety. A life without sight was as interesting as life with sight. Who was to say different? Society? The bulk of humanity?
They were living their first lives, cautiously aware that someday they would die. They had everything to lose. They could not take the risks. But I had been through death, had my insides burned out by it twice.
I was living a second life, freed of those cautious awarenesses.
I had nothing to lose. I could take all the risks.

— John Howard Griffin

Sitting in an automobile was where I first remember understanding how drama works ... Hidden in the back seat of a sedan, I quickly realized how deep the chasm or intense the claustrophobia could be inside your average family car.

— Neil LaBute

Our ape-like and arboreal ancestors entered upon the first of many short cuts. To crack a marrow-bone with a rock was the act which fathered the tool, and between the cracking of a marrow-bone and the riding down town in an automobile lies only a difference of degree.

— Jack London

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