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Quotes About The Facebook

Paul looks like hed rather just go home and make out in the kitchen; I would agree, except that I know my Dad is likely to be in there with his laptop, listening to the Beatles music as he catches up on all the Facebook "in memoriam" posts in his honor. Total mood-killer.
— Claudia Gray —

I truly believed Facebook was created by Satan as a way to turn completely sane people into obsessed stalkers.

— Meredith Schorr

They're more interested in their fucking iPhones than doing their jobs. I can see the glow of their phone screens on their faces as they check e-mail, update their Facebook slaveware, dream of living, breathing, and fucking through the anonymity of text and memes.

— Shane Kuhn

We live in the Facebook era. I think everyone, not just celebrities, have an unprecedented level of self-awareness, of presenting yourself to the world. The truth is, it starts with how you look, and that goes into how you dress.

— Allison Williams

The Facebook of 2011, the Twitter of 2011 and the Google of 2011 are all understood to be in need of reinvention for a mobile-centric world with no clear strategy to make revenue.

— Keith Teare

I went to a Cal Tech party after the 'Facebook' movie came out, and there were kids in dark rooms coding because it was cool again. That movie made it cool to sit in a room at a party and write code.

— Kerry Bishe

The way the Facebook network is set up, it's not as suitable for content discovery. Twitter is better, but there are too many over-sharers. Also, on Twitter and Facebook, everything comes from people you know. On StumbleUpon, it comes from people that you don't necessarily know but share your interests.

— Garrett Camp

Facebook has stitched together your social graph. The idea of an interest graph is to bring together everyone that has shared interests. If I can isolate the people who are into mountain biking in Marin, in one place, the ability to put ads against that is really high.

— Bill Gurley

I wrote 'The Facebook Era' because I felt like it needed to be written, and I was one of the people who might be qualified to do so. Specifically, my background is that I developed the first business application on Facebook.

— Clara Shih

What's the third largest nation in the world after China and India? It's the Facebook nation - 430 million people on Facebook.

— James G. Stavridis

As far as I'm concerned, Twitter has wiped out Facebook. I'm done with Facebook.

— Kevin O'Leary

I think peace should be done not only among governments but among people. It was impossible before the Facebook.

— Shimon Peres

The primary things that people do on the Facebook is they use it to share with their friends and the people around them and their community, and they use it to keep in touch with people.

— Mark Zuckerberg

The world isn't set up equally, and the first billion people using Facebook have way more money than the rest of the world combined.

— Mark Zuckerberg

At Facebook we feel a lot of affinity not just for this community but for any community that is trying to do what Davos is trying to do, which is to share information. And Davos is doing it in a particular way - I think the Facebook approach is obviously more broad-based, we're trying to include everyone in the world. But the goal is the same: bring people together, to share information and make the world more connected, and have people have a deeper understanding of themselves, others, the communities of which they want to be a part and can be a part.

— Sheryl Sandberg

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