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Quotes About The Butler

My grandfather is the king, my Dads the prince, I guess that makes me the butler.
— Adam Petty —

For mercy's sake, the child is crazy!" exclaimed Miss Rottenmeier, running up the stairs. In her hurry she had bumped into Sebastian, who was just then coming down. "Bring the unlucky child up!" she called to him, rubbing her head. "All right, many thanks," answered the butler, rubbing his head, too, for he had encountered something far harder than she had.

— Johanna Spyri

What about me?" Frances asked.
"The butler," Harriet replied without even a second of hesitation.
Frances's mouth immediately opened to protest.
"No, no," Harriet said. "It's the best role, I promise. You get to do everything."
"Except be a unicorn," Daniel murmured.
Frances tilted her head to the side with a resigned expression.
"The next play," Harriet finally gave in. "I shall find a way to include a unicorn in the one I'm working on right now."
Frances pumped both fists in the air. "Huzzah!

— Julia Quinn

My wife likes to say that the mind is a palace with room for many guests. Perhaps the butler takes care to install the delegates of Science in a different wing from the emissaries of Faith, lest they take up arguing in the passages.

— Laini Taylor

I really don't know what happened in reference to 'The Butler.' Mr. Daniels and I had a conversation. I had the script, the email that goes along with it in reference to the character, read the script, loved it. Then I never heard from Mr. Daniels again, and the next I saw was that Oprah Winfrey is now playing the part.

— Mo'Nique

The animal is making quite a mess," the butler droned.
"Are you referring to the monkey, or to my nephew?" Fennington drawled, strolling into the room.
"Hm. How long did you lurk outside the room waiting forthat opportunity?" Bennett asked

— Suzanne Enoch

That small world, like the great one out of doors, had the capacity of easily forgetting its dead; and when the cook had said she was a quiet-tempered lady, and the housekeeper had said it was the common lot, and the butler had said who'd have thought it, and the housemaid had said she couldn't hardly believe it, and the footman had said it seemed exactly like a dream, they had quite worn the subject out, and began to think their mourning was wearing rusty too.

— Charles Dickens

I think the whole stigma of 'black movies' is slowly being lost. When you look at movies like '12 Years A Slave,' to 'The Butler,' to 'The Best Man,' to 'Ride Along,' to even 'Think Like a Man' from last year - these movies are just good movies.

— Kevin Hart

Offended you again," her godmother said with satisfaction. "Come along, then. We'll go to my chambers. The butler put me in one of the towers, and it's utterly heavenly, like being stuck in the clouds except for the pigeons crapping on the windows.

— Eloisa James

My partner, Danny Strong, came to me with this idea of telling a story about my life and merging that with music and the hip-hop world. He wrote 'The Butler' and originally wanted to do 'Empire' also as a movie.

— Lee Daniels

Whenever Hollywood makes films about us, it's 12 Years a Slave or The Butler or The Help. That is not the sum total of who we are as a people.

— Mo Abudu

Shakespeare, Butler and Bacon have rendered it extremely difficult for all who come after them to be sublime, witty or profound.

— Charles Caleb Colton

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