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Quotes About Tall

When I asked him the meaning of life, Dr. Webb got very quiet and then told me life has no one meaning, it only has whatever meaning each of us puts on our own life. Ill tell you now that I still dont know the meaning of mine. And Lucas Cader, with all his brains and talent, doesnt know the meaning of his, either. But Ill tell you the meaning of all this. The meaning of some bird showing up and some boy disappearing and you knowing all about it. The meaning of this was not to save you, but to warn you instead. To warn you of confusion and delusion and assumption. To warn you of psychics and zombies and ghosts of your lost brother. To warn you of Ada Taylor and her sympathy and mothers who wake you up with vacuums. To warn you of two-foot-tall birds that say they can help, but never do.
— John Corey Whaley —

Sit. I can't flirt standing up, and you're freakishly tall.

— Heidi Cullinan

From daydreams on the road there was no waking. He plodded on. He could remember everything of her save her scent. Seated in a theatre with her beside him leaning forward listening to the music. Gold scrollwork and sconces and the tall columnar folds of the drapes at either side of the stage. She held his hand in her lap and he could feel the tops of her stockings through the thin stuff of her summer dress. Freeze this frame. Now call down your dark and your cold and be damned.

— Cormac McCarthy

These rocks are too heavy, can't carry them any more,
don't know why i ever picked them up before,
going to have to put them down where they don't belong,
'cause i can't get them back to where they came from.
These rocks belong to no one, except history.
Somewhere between the desert and the rolling sea,
or maybe up in the mountains blue and tall,
I picked them but now i'm going to let them fall.

— Jay Woodman

The road and the tale have both been long, would you not say so? The trip has been long and the cost has been high ... but no great thing was ever attained easily. A long tale, like a tall Tower, must be built a stone at a time.

— Stephen King

When you're feeling down ...
Stand tall, shoulder back
Compliment someone
Help someone in a big or small way
Listen to music
Clean your space
Plan your day
Do what your brain tells you can't or shouldn't
Pray (or meditate) with a focus on gratitude

— Charles F. Glassman

Kabul is a walled city, which sounds romantic except the walls are pre-cast reinforced concrete blast barriers, 10 feet tall and 15 feet long and moved into place with cranes. The walls are topped with sandbags, and the sandbags are topped with guard posts from which gun barrels protrude.

— P. J. O'Rourke

I'm not particularly tall, strong, fast, or aggressive.

— Robert Downey, Jr.

Goddess, ... do not be angry with me about this. I am quite aware that my wife Penelope is nothing like so tall or so beautiful as yourself. She is only a woman, whereas you are an immortal. Nevertheless, I want to get home, and can think of nothing else.

— Homer

I went to extreme measures to achieve my goals, from strapping heavy sandbags on my ankles, hopping on one leg, up and down four flights of stairs at 5 am to practice my turns in front of the candle light when others are asleep. I felt like that I had climbed many tall mountains and made so many impossible dreams come true through sheer determination, perseverance, passion, self conviction and belief.

— Li Cunxin

I might feel ten feet tall, but I wouldn't touch you with my pole

— Josh Stern

Tall peaks are not always better than long plateaus as true greatness must include protracted excellence.

— Matthew Hayden

Well, The Rock says this, you should be concerned with fixing yourself a nice, tall glass of shut-up juice!

— Dwayne Johnson

A whole big, giant world full of men. Men with blue eyes. Brown eyes. Green eyes. And indescribable shades in between. Tall men. Short men. Skinny men. Built men. And all combinations thereof. Nice men (so I've heard, but never really seen). Mean men. Decent men, indecent. And who knows which is the best kind to have, to hold, to love? I'd say, with so many men in the world, it would pay to sample a few. Scratch that. More than a few. Lots and lots. And then a few more. And maybe, after years of research, you might find one worth not throwing back. But hey, the fun is in the fishing.

— Ellen Hopkins

The next Tory leader would have to unify his party and ensure that Britain stood tall in the world.

— Boris Johnson

I say long and lean as opposed to tall, because you could be 5 four and look long and lean.

— Tim Gunn

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