Quotes About Talking Yourself Up

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Quotes About Talking Yourself Up

When you do talk about yourself, or to yourself ... try to picture you talking to your own daughter, or your younger sister. Because you would tell your younger sister or your daughter that she is beautiful, and you wouldnt be lying. Because she is. And so are you.
— Amy Poehler —

Do you realize you're talking to yourself?
It's good that you know the difference.

— Alex Adams

I am not talking about you being a spectator, I am talking about involvement. I am talking about involving yourself into life in such a way that you dissolve into it.

— Jaggi Vasudev

Isn't it sad, growing up? You start off like my Charlie. You start off thinking you can kill all the baddies and save the world. Then you get a little bit older, maybe Little Bee's age, and you realize that some of the world's badness is inside you, that maybe you're a part of it. And then you get a bit older still, and a bit more comfortable, and you start wondering whether that badness you've seen in yourself is really all that bad at all. You start talking about ten per cent."
Maybe that's just developing as a person, Sarah."
I sighed and looked out at Little Bee
Well," I said, "maybe this is a developing world.

— Chris Cleave

Those the walkers carried into the Wood were less lucky. We didn't know what happened to them, but they came back out sometimes, corrupted in the worst way: smiling and cheerful, unharmed. They seemed almost themselves to anyone who didn't know them well, and you might spend half a day talking with one of them and never realize anything was wrong, until you found yourself taking up a knife and cutting off your own hand, putting out your own eyes, your own tongue, while they kept talking all the while, smiling, horrible. And then they would take the knife and go inside your house, to your children, while you lay outside blind and choking and helpless even to scream. If someone we loved was taken by the walkers, the only thing we knew to hope for them was death, and it could only be a hope.

— Naomi Novik

I think it's kind of awkward when everyone knows you're gay but you don't say it. I had been thinking about coming out for almost a year before I did. I thought about it seriously on the plane ride home from the World Cup, while I was casually talking to my friend Lori Lindsey. She said, "Dude, you should just come out." She was right. Everyone in my life already knew. If you want to stand up and fight for equal rights but then won't even stand up for yourself and say "I'm gay" - that just started to feel weird.

— Megan Rapinoe

If the reader doesn't understand what you're saying, you're talking to yourself.

— Nigel Hamilton

Writing is a fine thing, because it combines the two pleasures of talking to yourself and talking to a crowd.

— Cesare Pavese

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