Quotes About Starship Enterprise

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Quotes About Starship Enterprise

The starship Enterprise was a metaphor starship Earth, and the vision was that the strength of this starship lay in its diversity.
— George Takei —

Like something had gone wrong beaming her onto the Starship Enterprise.
If you've ever wondered what that feels like, it's a lot like melting but more violent

— Rainbow Rowell

If you could be any character on The Next Generation, who would you be?"
"Easy," Solomon said. "Data. For sure."
"That makes sense," Clark said.
"I always liked Wesley Crusher."
"What?" Solomon was appalled. "Nobody likes Wesley Crusher."
"Why not?" Lisa asked.
"Because he's a total Mary Sue," Solomon said. "He's too perfect."
"But he's always saving the day," Clark argued. "Like, always."
"Exactly. He's just a talking deus ex machina. Everybody on the ship treats him like a dumb kid, then he saves them at the last minute and, every single time, they go right back to treating him like a dumb kid again. Do I need to remind you that the starship Enterprise is full of genius scientists and engineers? Why's this kid who can't get into Starfleet Academy smarter than all of them?"
"Good point," Clark said. "He's still my choice, though.

— John Corey Whaley

I liken the current situation to that of the Starship Enterprise. The shields are up and the Klingons are shooting at us and every time they land a punch they are sapping our power.

— Rupert Lowe

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