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Quotes About Sound Barrier

Naomi, I asked you to suck my cock, youd have your mouth wrapped around it so fast, youd break the sound barrier.
— Kristen Ashley —

You know, I found a gray hair the other day. I almost broke the sound barrier rushing to the pharmacy to get some dye. Beth snorted. Oh please! You're a blonde-no one can see gray hair up there. Now, you get one down under, and then you can panic.

— Jenn McKinlay

Kristen Ashley Quotes: Naomi i asked you to suck my cock youd
Naomi, I asked you to suck my cock, you'd have your mouth wrapped around it so fast, you'd break the sound barrier.

— Kristen Ashley

You may be interested to know that we've just broken the sound barrier!" "All right, own up. Who broke it?

— Terry Pratchett

Independent media can go to where the silence is and break the sound barrier, doing what the corporate networks refuse to do.

— Amy Goodman

I sat up so fast I practically broke the sound barrier, but it was Cal standing in my doorway, not Archer. I heaved a huge sigh, one of relief, and not even a little bit of disappointment.
Of course, once I'd wrapped my mind around the fact that it was Cal and not Archer standing in my bedroom, it dawned on me that Cal was standing in my bedroom.

— Rachel Hawkins

For quite a while, Francie had been spelling out letters, sounding them and then putting the sounds together to mean a word. But one day, she looked at a page and the word "mouse" had instantaneous meaning. She looked at the word, and the picture of a gray mouse scampered through her mind. She looked further and when she saw "horse," she heard him pawing the ground and saw the sun glint on his glossy coat. The word "running" hit her suddenly and she breathed hard as though running herself. The barrier between the individual sound of each letter and the whole meaning of the word was removed and the printed word meant a thing at one quick glance. She read a few pages rapidly and almost became ill with excitement. She wanted to shout it out. She could read! She could read!

— Betty Smith

Deirdre Blomfield Brown Quotes: The question is are you going to grow or
The question is, are you going to grow or are you going to just stay as you are out of fear and waste your precious human life by status quo-ing instead of being willing to break the sound barrier? Break the glass ceiling, or whatever it is in your own life? Are you willing to go forward? I suggest finding the willingness to go forward instead of staying still, which is essentially going backward, particularly when you have a calling in some direction. That calling needs to be answered. And it's not necessarily going to work out the way you want it to work out, but it is taking you forward, and you are leaving the nest. And that never can be a mistake-to fly instead of staying in the nest with all the poop and everything that's in there. TS:

— Deirdre Blomfield Brown

Of course, I'm not one to judge people by their appearances, Rhonda, but from how this guy looked I would have said he had graduated high school with three friends tops, all of them in the computer club with him, and that he had some super-obscure hobby he was obsessed with, like collecting ancient musical instruments or making origami rocket ships that could break the sound barrier, and that, if he noticed women at all, he tried to impress them with how many decimal places of pi he had memorized.

— Rebecca Goldstein

[Ron Paul's politics] is just savagery, and it goes across the board; in fact, this holds for the whole libertarian ideology. I mean, it may sound nice on the surface, but when you think it through, it's just a call for corporate tyranny; takes away any barrier to corporate tyranny. Its a step towards the worst ... but its all academic 'cause the business world would never permit it to happen, since it would destroy the economy. I mean, they can't live without a powerful 'nanny-state'. They know it.

— Noam Chomsky

The shadows of the tombstones in the graveyard stretched out long and violet, and the sound of the flies buzzed in my ears, louder than the ringing of the shots that still came-were coming closer-to the frail barrier of the dead.

— Diana Gabaldon

To jump and break the sound barrier will not be a mere record breaking experience or another extreme event that ends once the mission is accomplished.

— Felix Baumgartner

Jack the sound barrier. Bring the noise.

— Neal Stephenson

Rumor and gossip, like sound itself, appear to travel by wave-effect, sheer preposterosity being no barrier.

— Shana Alexander

Just before you break through the sound barrier, the cockpit shakes the most.

— Chuck Yeager

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