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Quotes About Someone Special

Fame is not so impossible for people with charisma, passion and talent. Being famous just means you have fans, and even one or two is enough to make you someone special. Ask a music fan who the best guitarist of all time is, and while one group insists that it was Jimmi Hendrix, another group swears that it was Eddie Van Halen instead. There will never be a time when everyone on this planet agrees on something like that, but luckily thats not important. All that matters is that both sides remain loyal, which they will assuming you continue to be who you are and do your thing. This is all that you need to be immortalized.
— Ashly Lorenzana —

She could see the name Fukamachi on a shiny name-plate by the door of the house, but it was a name that meant nothing to Kazuko. And at that moment, in her heart, she began to dream of meeting someone. Someone special who would one day walk into her life. Someone she would instantly feel she had known for years. Someone who would feel the same about her.

— Yasutaka Tsutsui

Someone special once told me to dare to dream. For without dreams, we have nothing to look forward to. I'm starting to believe her.

— S.L. Scott

The other bodyguard, Hardin, grinned, showing his crooked teeth. "Sidewinder. Like the snake." The room was silent, waiting for his point. "You know what they used to call the Green Berets when we were active?"
Ty tried hard not to roll his eyes. Behind him, Kelly answered wryly, "Snake Eaters."
Both security men chuckled. "Best watch out, Sidewinders. Don't want to get eaten."
Nick barked a laugh. "I appreciate the offer, Hoss, but I got someone taking care of me already."
Hardin squared his shoulders, his face growing ruddy.
"Don't worry, you'll find that someone special," Kelly assured him, his voice sincere.

— Abigail Roux

Look inside yourself; there is always something special you can do today! Look around yourself; there is always someone special do it for! Don't spare what you have to share, show you care and dare not to make it rare!

— Israelmore Ayivor

A person isn't born with the intelligence to be with someone special; you learn it, and you fail in the path of life, but you don't have to give up the chance to love.

— Gael Garcia Bernal

But when you say, "I am beautiful," not only does beauty, youth, and freshness start coming your way, but on the inside your spirit also comes alive. Your self-image begins to improve, and you'll start carrying yourself like you're someone special. You won't drag through the day feeling less than or inferior. You'll have that spring in your step, that "You go, girl!" attitude. Beauty is not in how thin or tall you are, how perfect you look. Beauty is in being who God made you to be with confidence. If you're a size 4, great. If you're a size 24, great. Take what you have and make the most of it.

— Joel Osteen

I had to wait for someone special. Someone who would make my heart feel as if it's been trampled by elephants, thrown into the amazon, and eaten by piranhas.

— Lisa Kleypas

Once in a lifetime, you meet that special someone. That someone that took your breath away every single time. That someone that caused your heart to shatter into a million shards and fall like rain.

— Amy Lane

You don't have to be someone special to achieve something amazing. You've just got to have a dream, believe in it and work hard.

— Jessica Watson

Being in the ring became my reality, and, in my reality, I'd think I was someone special.

— Mike Tyson

Let's all embrace someone near us. Pick someone special to you. Tell this someone how you feel.

— Chuck Palahniuk

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