Quotes About Solidarity

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Quotes About Solidarity

There has to be solidarity among the artists, songwriters and all the creative forces within that circle in order for the necessary changes to take place and for each person to get what is rightfully due.
— Oleta Adams —

Solidarity was admirable; loyalty was the person standing next to you when the devil came to call.

— Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

The naked woman marched around the swimming pool, the corpses in the hearse rejoicing that she, too, was dead - these were the "down below" she had feared and fled once before but which mysteriously beckoned her. These were her vertigo: she heard a sweet (almost joyous) summons to renounce her fate and soul. The solidarity of the soulless calling her. And in times of weakness, she was ready to heed the call and return to her mother. She was already to dismiss the crew of her soul from the deck of her body; ready to descend to a place among her mother's friemd and laugh when one of them broke wind noisily; ready to march around the pool naked with them and sing.

— Milan Kundera

Nor am I nostalgic, as a French philosopher once wrote, for a lost poverty. I am nostalgic for the solidarity and sharing a modest existence can sometimes bring.

— Alice Walker

In short, we have, among African countries, a duty of solidarity.

— Omar Bongo

Solidarity and interdependence, a sense of worth, a pride and hope in the future: these are positive gains for those who believe in progressive politics and the beneficial role of government, rather than a detriment.

— David Blunkett

When he rebels, a man
identifies himself with other men and so surpasses himself, and from this point of view human solidarity
is metaphysical.

— Albert Camus

But we need more than a broader understanding of what is a good society or a moral and political critique of the existing market fundamentalism engulfing American society, we also need to create new forms of solidarity, new and broad based social movements that move beyond the isolated and fractured politics of the current historical moment.

— Henry Giroux

Dark clouds outside are no match to the bright smiles of volunteers at the GK relief center. Hope shines brightest in darkness. Miracles of solidarity can help a nation walk on water.

— Tony Meloto

Given that a few days ago we had a terrible accident, a tragic terrorist attack in Barajas, in Madrid, I would like to propose to you that we show our complete condemnation, our most intense revulsion, and that we show profound solidarity with the victims.

— Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

There is absolutely no solidarity in the West towards its own victims, and the recent 'refugee crises' is direct proof of it.

— Andre Vltchek

To all people of good will who are working for social justice: never tire of working for a more just world, marked by greater solidarity!

— Pope Francis

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