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Quotes About Smiths

Back in the days of the Smiths, when we first started touring England - this is, like, 1984 - there were these two girls. They were literally vicars daughters, and they used to follow us to every gig, no matter where we went.
— Andy Rourke —

New Music, I guess, is all those bands Angie listens to. They have names like Depeche Mode and The Smiths and all they sound the same to me - like a bunch of skinny white British nerds on Thorazine. The Stones, when they started, were a bunch of skinny white British nerds too, but they never sounded like they were on Thorazine. Even if they were.

— Dennis Lehane

I know the Smiths, I snapped, because lord knows you can launch any kind of criticism at me, lord knows I've heard it all before, but don't you dare doubt my musical knowledge. There's not much I can do right, just this one thing, but you cannot take this one thing from me.

— Leila Sales

Asleep by the Smiths
Vapour Trail by Ride
Scarborough Fair by Simon & Garfunkel
A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum
Dear Prudence by the Beatles
Gypsy by Suzanne Vega
Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues
Daydream by Smashing Pumpkins
Dusk by Genesis (before Phil Collins was even in the band!)
MLK by U2
Blackbird by the Beatles
Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
Asleep by the Smiths (again!)
-Charlie's mixtape

— Stephen Chbosky

I will play the characters with last names like Sanchez and Gonzalez until the day I die, but I also want to play the 'Michelle Smiths.'

— Gina Rodriguez

You can hear the Celtic heartbeat all over Europe and America, from Bing Crosby to Jack White, from the Smiths to My Bloody Valentine, from House of Pain to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

— Rob Sheffield

Smiths songs certainly have an astonishing afterlife.

— Morrissey

The Smiths was an incredibly personal thing to me. It was like launching your own diary to music.

— Morrissey

She become moody and depressed. She started wearing black and listening to the Smiths and reading Camus in the original whatever. Her eyes became interestingly pouchy and sunken.

— Lev Grossman

She started wearing black and listening to the Smiths and reading Camus

— Lev Grossman

If you were to ask the developers of Lakeside or any shopping center what they are offering consumers (formerly known as "people") they'd say, "It's all under one roof"-great, a ceiling, and, more importantly, "choice." Choice is the key. Apparently, then, what excited me as a bulimic Smiths fan and onanist was the possibility of choice, and for anybody to be stimulated by the idea of choice, the precondition must be a lack of choice. Which is a way of saying a lack of power, a lack of freedom.

— Russell Brand

I speculate, briefly, on how different the world would be if it were run by women. In that world, if you were a lonely, horny woman - as I am. As I always am- you'd see Blu-tacked postcards by Soho doorways that read 'Nice man in cardigan, 24, will talk to you about The Smiths whilst making you cheese-on-toast+come to parties with you. Apply within'.

— Caitlin Moran

Some of my favourites ... there's the classics like Blur and Oasis and Pulp, Suede and The Charlatans, The La's, The Smiths, The Cure, stuff like that. That was a huge part of my teen-years and bands I still listen to right through to this day, but it had a huge bearing on me as a teen and it was some of my favourite music, and is still to this day some of my favourite music.

— Mikey Way

I went from working with Will Smith to working with Will Smith's wife. So the Smiths have been very good to me.

— Vivica Fox

I got shocked really bad at a show once. We do this big intro to a cover of the Smiths' "Panic on the Streets of London" and I got a huge shock and went, 'Ohhhh!' We had to stop the show for 15 minutes.

— Pete Yorn

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