Quotes About Six Year Olds

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Quotes About Six Year Olds

False enthusiasm does not come easily to six-year-olds ... although, sad to say, its a skill most of us learn fairly rapidly.
— Stephen King —

Last summer, when he thought I wasn't looking, I observed Cubby telling one of the neighborhood six-year-olds that there were dragons living in the storm drains, under our street.
'We feed them meat ... and then they don't get hungry and blow fire and roast us.'
Little James listened closely, with a very serious expression on his face. Then he ran home to get some hot dogs from his mother.

— John Elder Robison

Show me the science. Last I heard, gay six-year-olds remain unproven.

— Vernon D. Burns

Because six-year-olds don't have real interests aside from double Dutch and Pizza Lunchables.

— Katie Heaney

Okay, okay. Ms. Muffin stays. But keep in mind; first impressions are everything, and the only people Ms. Muffin will impress are six-year-olds." "Precisely, madre. I don't want to be friends with people who aren't six. At heart. Only at heart. Because it's also fun to legally drive.

— Sara Wolf

(It's a weird thing, depression. Even now, writing this with a good distance of fourteen years from my lowest point, I haven't fully escaped. You get over it, but at the same time you never get over it. It comes back in flashes, when you are tired or anxious or have been eating the wrong stuff, and catches you off guard. I woke up with it a few days ago, in fact. I felt its dark wisps around my head, that ominous life-is-fear feeling. But then, after a morning with the best five- and six-year-olds in the world, it subsided. it is now an aside. Something to put brackets around. Life lesson: the way out is never through yourself.)

— Matt Haig

The worst case scenario sees the Amazon rainforest burning, huge amounts of methane being released by Siberian peat bogs and so on - by the time today's six year olds are 60, such a scenario would see global warming already out of control.

— Mark Lynas

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