Quotes About Shattered Hearts

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Quotes About Shattered Hearts

Once a heart breaks ... it doesnt just grow back. Its not a lizards tail. Its more like a huge stained glass that shattered into a million pieces, and its not going back together. Least not the way it was. You can mush it all into one piece, but that doesnt make it a window. That makes it a pile of broken colored glass. Shattered hearts dont mend and they dont heal. They just dont work that way.
— Charles Martin —

Stupid girl, I thought. How many hands must he have held before mine? How many girls must have fallen for a lifetime into those bright green eyes only to hit rock bottom. Girls whose hearts he'd broken and left to pick up the pieces of a shattered fantasy lost to male ego and the need to break more. And this was why my track record with men was so pathetic. It didn't matter how well crafted the act was, or even how poorly crafted, I always fell. And hard.

— Shawn Kirsten Maravel

Don't despair if your heart has been through a lot of trauma. Sometimes that's how beautiful hearts are remade: they are shattered first.

— Yasmin Mogahed

Even from the abyss of horror in which we try to feel our way today, half-blind, our hearts distraught and shattered, I look up again and again to the ancient constellations that shone on my childhood, comforting myself with the inherited confidence that, some day, this relapse will appear only an interval in the eternal rhythm of progress onward and upward.

— Stefan Zweig

Filming wraps up next week, then I'm officially retiring my fangs."
"Girls' hearts will be shattered."
He tipped up my chin, and his steady gaze locked on mine.
"I'm only worried about one girl's heart." Oh. My

— Jenny B. Jones

So many hearts broke the day Elsa was born. Shattered with such force by the wave that the shards of the glass were dispersed all around the world. Improbable catastrophes produce improbable things in people, improbable sorrow and improbable heroism.

— Fredrik Backman

I have tormented some sweet men. Broken hearts and shattered dreams.
Men are punching bags, and I have a hell of a right hook.

— R.K. Lilley

Impatience is a form of unbelief. It's what we begin to feel when we start to doubt the wisdom of God's timing or the goodness of God's guidance. It springs up in our hearts when our plan is interrupted or shattered. It may be prompted by a long wait in a checkout line or a sudden blow that knocks out half our dreams. The opposite of impatience is not a glib denial of loss. It's a deepening, ripening, peaceful willingness to wait for God in the unplanned place of obedience, and to walk with God at the unplanned pace of obedience-to wait in his place, and go at his pace.

— John Piper

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