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Quotes About Searching For Truth

Searching for truth is itself a big illusion because whatever we term the truth is always and everywhere. We dont have to search for it; we dont have to seek it; it always is. Now the only problem is your inability to experience life beyond what you call mind; or right now your capability to experience life only through the limited dimension that we call mind. That is the only problem.
— Jaggi Vasudev —

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.

— M. Scott Peck

I shot a lot of close-ups on this movie 'cause there's like a dual mystery, she's searching through her haunted past to find some truth and she's also following an external mystery where she comes to think she might be the killer.

— Philip Kaufman

If your attitude is one of gratefully searching for God's truth & goodness in any situation, it will change your life.

— Stormie Omartian

Smartass Disciple: I've been searching for so long.I still can't find the truth.
Master of Stupidity: Until you've lost and felt desperate, you won't be found.

— Toba Beta

As he plods behind Cameron and Summer, he can't help but stare at Summer's exposed, glistening skin. His thoughts aren't depraved or even mildly in the splasher. In fact, he focuses on the marks of cruelty crisscrossing her back, stomach, and shoulders. He trudges along, drenched, feet swollen, constantly searching for even a hint of a breeze, all while being forced to stare at the alarming network of burns traversing Summer's delicate skin. This latticework of hate reveals a brutal truth-one he can scarcely comprehend. Yes, he's glimpsed and felt her scars before, but this is the first time he's really, truly seen the severity and extent of her life as a slave. With each step, he must digest the monstrosities of her past, leaving him utterly devastated.

— Laura Kreitzer

The truth is, there's an information blockade in America, and it must be broken. In order to find crucial facts, numbers and outside perspectives, a person must spend an hour searching and cross-searching on the computer.

— Adam McKay

I've always been a person that is searching for truth and always wants to go further, deeper.

— Lykke Li

At the end of his life Buddha said: "I am still searching for truth." This statement could be made by countless thousands of scientists, philosophers, and religious leaders throughout all history. However, Jesus Christ made the astounding claim: I am ... the truth" [John 14:6]. He is the embodiment of all truth. The only answer to man's search is found in Him.

— Billy Graham

I had been searching for truth, but it is strange to say that as long as the searcher was there, truth was not found. And when the truth was found, I looked all around ... I was absent. When the truth was found, the seeker was no more; and when the seeker was, truth was nowhere.

— Osho

Most people think they are searching for truth when they are really searching for love

— Harold Klemp

The years of searching in the dark for a truth that one feels but cannot express, the intense desire and the alternations of confidence and misgiving until one breaks through to clarity and understanding, are known only to him who has experienced them himself.

— Albert Einstein

It is absurd to go away from the world while searching the Truth because it is in the world and inside the man here and now.

— Samael Aun Weor

If you will stop all searching right now and tell the truth to yourself,
you will know what is known in the core of your bones.
You will know it with no image of it, no concept of it, no thought of it.
You will know it as that which has eternally been here.
And you will know it as yourself.

— Gangaji

With considerable soul searching, that to the utmost of my ability, I have let truth be the prejudice.

— W. Eugene Smith

An eager pursuit of fortune is inconsistent with a severe devotion to truth. The heart must grow tranquil before the thought can become searching.

— Christian Nestell Bovee

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