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Quotes About Scratching

Teeth. What god-damned things they were. We had to eat. And eat and eat again. We were all disgusting, doomed to our dirty little tasks. Eating and farting and scratching and smiling and celebrating holidays.
— Charles Bukowski —

The dark leaden mask hides the devil with a soul of deceit, with his warm syrupy vacuous words coercing, enticing and grasping with exposed sharpened claws, scratching slow at his prey's surface with bullet pointed precision, inserting the slow hot mercurial poison of falsification of love straight into the flowing veins of the succumbing vulnerable heart. The prey's wanton escape futile, isolated & drawn into the hot fiery abyss.

— Alison Blackmore

When the last autumn of Dickens's life was over, he continued to work through his final winter and into spring. This is how all of us writers give away the days and years and decades of our lives in exchange for stacks of paper with scratches and squiggles on them. And when Death calls, how many of us would trade all those pages, all that squandered lifetime-worth of painfully achieved scratches and squiggles, for just one more day, one more fully lived and experienced day? And what price would we writers pay for that one extra day spent with those we ignored while we were locked away scratching and squiggling in our arrogant years of solipsistic isolation?
Would we trade all those pages for a single hour? Or all of our books for one real minute?

— Dan Simmons

All I heard was the blood rushing through my ears, and the distant rumble and crackle of the Lake of Fire. (And Khufu scratching himself and grunting, but that was nothing new.)

— Rick Riordan

I was still owed an explanation, I thought, but so what? What good was it going to do me? It wouldn't have made me any happier. It was like scratching when you have chicken pox. You think it's going to help, but the itch moves over, and then moves over again. My itch suddenly felt miles away, and I couldn't have reached it with the longest arms in the world. Realizing that made me scared that I was going to be itchy forever, and I didn't want that.

— Nick Hornby

You're making fun of your bride on her wedding night?" His expression straightened and his brow smoothed as I ran my greedy hand down his chest. "Of course I am." "What kind of monster are you?" I teased, lightly scratching his stomach. His answering smile tilted up one half of his perfect mouth. "The kind that's going to fuck you so hard it'll look like your legs were put on backwards.

— Christina Lauren

... reunions, she felt, were not much more than a scratching at the vague itch of memory. And like scratching, they rarely helped-indeed, scratching often made matters worse, as any dermatologist would tell you.

— Alexander McCall Smith

Nothing. Just that sound, like the sound of starlight scratching its way through outer space: kkkkkkk.

— Margaret Atwood

Some people aren't touchy-feely, but I grew up in a family where you'd walk into the family room and there'd be five people on the couch with an arm here, an arm there, everyone scratching and taking turns.

— Chris O'Donnell

Max!' Nudge cried, rushing over to hug me. Her thin arms gripped me tight, and I hugged her back, scratching her wings where they joined her shoulders, the way she liked. 'We were so worried-I didn't know what had happened to you, and we didn't know what to do, and Fang said we going to eat rats, and-'
'Okay, okay. Everything's okay,' I told her. I met Fang's eyes over her shoulder and mouthed rats? silently. A flicker of a grin crossed his lips and then was gone.

— James Patterson

Nathan seemed to have absorbed his sense of journalistic ethics from old movies about newspaper reporters. For Naomi, internet sampling ad scratching was a completely valid form of journalism, presenting no ethical clouds on its open-source horizon.

— David Cronenberg

I only look forward. I can't get all caught up in what I've done. I still have plenty to accomplish in the game. Hopefully, I'm just scratching the surface.

— Alex Rodriguez

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