Quotes About Scouting

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Quotes About Scouting

I have never forgotten my days as an Eagle Scout. I didnt know it at the time, but what really came out of my Scouting was learning how to lead and serve the community. It has come in handy in my career in government.
— Lloyd Bentsen —

From the time I arrived in British East Africa at the indifferent age of four and went through the barefoot stage of early youth hunting wild pig with the Nandi, later training racehorses for a living, and still later scouting Tanganyika and the waterless bush country between the Tana and Athi Rivers, by aeroplane, for elephant, I remained so happily provincial I was unable to discuss the boredom of being alive with any intelligence until I had gone to London and lived there for a year. Boredom, like hookworm, is endemic.

— Beryl Markham

No matter how much technology changes scouting, no matter how much free agency and big TV contracts change the business of baseball, I hope and pray that the heart of the game will never change.

— Pat Gillick

As a young boy, scouting gave me a confidence and camaraderie that is hard to find in modern life.

— Bear Grylls

You never know, the way technology is going, we might all use the games for scouting by the time I retire.

— Tony Parker

Superficial parallels were drawn between the Church and the Nazi Party, with its emphasis on active involvement by every member. The women's auxiliary of the Party and the Hitler Youth were regarded by some as secular equivalents to the Church's Relief Society, MIA, and the Scouting programs.

— Fawn M. Brodie

Scouting contributes to a boy's preparation to hold the priesthood of God. Scout leaders have a sacred responsibility. They help boys learn Scouting principles that also help them live the gospel. We thank each leader as they foster faith in Christ and prepare boys to make temple covenants and become a missionary, husband, and father.

— Rosemary M. Wixom

Scouting is important. You just want to know whom you are playing against and how to play them well within the team's defense.

— Terry Rozier

Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting can be the magic thread which links the girls of the world together.

— Juliette Gordon Low

Scouting is a game for boys under the leadership of boys under the direction of a man.

— Baden Powell De Aquino

I strongly believe in Scouting ... It's a source of great strength to us.

— John F. Kennedy

Mormon leaders said in a statement they will reexamine their ties to the Boy Scouts. "The church," they said, "has always welcomed all boys to its Scouting units regardless of sexual orientation. However, the admission of openly gay leaders is inconsistent with the doctrines of the church and what have traditionally been the values of the Boy Scouts of America."

— Gwen Ifill

Our position has never been that people should be forced out of Scouting. We have always said that the values of Scouting are universal they should be welcome to everyone who is willing to live by the Scout oath and the Scout law.

— Gwen Ifill

Scouting is not an abstruse or difficult science: rather it is a jolly game if you take it in the right light. In the same time it is educative, and (like Mercy) it is apt to benefit him that giveth as well as him that receives.

— Robert Baden-Powell

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