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Quotes About Scoundrels

Merlins eyes narrowed. We require heroes of wit and cleverness, unafraid to foil convention in order to defend a higher allegiance. Battle skills matter not. What we need at this moment, James Potter, are scoundrels with honor.
— G. Norman Lippert —

I often had no scruples about deceiving nitwits and scoundrels and fools when I found it necessary ... We avenge intelligence when we deceive a fool, and ... deceiving a fool is an exploit worthy of an intelligent man. What has infused my very blood with an unconquerable hatred of the whole tribe of fools from the day of my birth is that I become a fool myself when I am in their company.

— Giacomo Casanova

His contempt for humanity grew fiercer, and at last he came to realize that the world is made up mostly of fools and scoundrels. It became perfectly clear to him that he could entertain no hope of finding in someone else the same aspirations and antipathies; no hope of linking up with a mind which, like his own, took pleasure in a life of studious decrepitude; no hope of associating an intelligence as sharp and wayward as his own with any author or scholar.

— Joris-Karl Huysmans

Fiction wouldn't be much fun without its fair share of scoundrels, and they have to live somewhere.

— Jasper Fforde

Now answer me, sincerely, honestly, who lives past forty? I'll tell you who does: fools and scoundrels.

— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

In revolutions authority remains with the greatest scoundrels.

— Georges Jacques Danton

I've always believed in the old-fashioned way: When you've got scoundrels in office, you vote 'em out.

— Rush Limbaugh

I was only following orders," the Mayor mocks. "The refuge of scoundrels since the dawn of time.

— Patrick Ness

Any number of scoundrels, having money enough to start with, can establish themselves as a 'government'; because, with money, they can hire soldiers, and with soldiers extort more money; and also compel general obedience to their will.

— Lysander Spooner

Poetry is like an innocent young maiden who is extremely beautiful, and whom many other maidens, who are the other fields of knowledge, are careful to enrich, polish, and adorn, and she must be served by all of them. Her alchemy is such that the person who knows how to treat her will turn her into purest gold of inestimable value ... she should not be allowed in the company of scoundrels or the ignorant mob incapable of knowing or appreciating the treasures that lie within her.

— Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Society is older than government. But every persisting society implies the existence of government and laws; for a society without government and laws is at once overturned by its madmen and scoundrels and lapses into barbarism.

— William Batchelder Greene

We handed the most important belongings of our people
the railroads and the banks
to aliens who 2000 years ago had turned the temple into a house of usury. Back then there was a man who had the bravery to drive out these scoundrels with a whip! If today a national socialist is seen with such a temple-whip, he's thrown into jail.

— Julius Streicher

Degeneracy follows every autocratic system of violence, for violence inevitably attracts moral inferiors. Time has proven that illustrious tyrants are succeeded by scoundrels.

— Albert Einstein

Those who say theory and practice are two unrelated realms are fools in one and scoundrels in the other.

— Ayn Rand

In fame's temple there is always a niche to be found for rich dunces, importunate scoundrels, or successful butchers of the human race.

— Johann Georg Ritter Von Zimmermann

I'd wish the government took honest people into consideration, it shows enough consideration for scoundrels.

— Franz Grillparzer

There was once a community of scoundrels, that is to say, they were not scoundrels, but ordinary people.

— Franz Kafka

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