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Quotes About Scary Times

I got plenty of guesses wrong on things in the past as well. I dont want to pretend I have some great insight ... But when the global financial crisis came along in 2008 it was scary times if you were in the middle of building $5 billion buildings. It wasnt perfect ... I think that I am the luckiest person in Australia.
— James Packer —

Yes. I'm going to sink into what I feel for you. I'm going to sink into the good times and the scary shit. I'm going to sink with you, because I'm tired of drifting and treading, never committing to anything. I want to sink with you.

— Steph Campbell

There's a whole lot more to most people than meets the eye, Wilson. Unfortunately, a lot of times it isn't good stuff. It's scary stuff, painful stuff. By now, you know so much scary, painful stuff about me, it's a wonder you're still around. You had me pegged pretty well right from the start, I'd say. You're wrong about one thing, though. Girls like me notice guys like you. We just don't think we deserve them.

— Amy Harmon

They were very scary times [1982], Midge Ure dancing with tears in his eyes. That German girl with the hairy arm pits singing about 99 red balloons.

— Kate Harrison

The times we live in often dictate the type of entertainment we seek
and we're starting to slide once more into a very dark and scary corner of American life.

— Chuck Wendig

When it's good, it's the best and most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. So good, that it makes me feel bad for people who haven't had the honor. But when it's bad, it's bad, Nikki. A goddamn Greek tragedy. It's horrific. And really fucking scary. He scares me.
But those good times ... I'll take the bad just so I can have the good. Because the good is outstanding. So, if you must know, I'm going with the flow and taking it as it comes.

— Belle Aurora

I probably wouldn't be a songwriter if I didn't grow up the way I did. It was difficult and it was at times very scary to grow up in a household so unsettled and at times very violent. But, it also, I guess it earned me a sort of wisdom at a young age that's served me well.

— Ray Lamontagne

I know that the future is scary at times. But there's just no escaping it.

— Ernest Cline

I think I probably have a creepy kind of scary quality. Otherwise, I wouldn't get jobs. But I also think it has a little bit to do with, you've done it a couple times, and then people see you that way.

— Tom Noonan

I pretended not to notice, but Dad looked sort of deflated there on the edge of my bed. A lost, even humbled look was wandering around his face (quite surprised to be there). Seeing him like this, so un-Dad, made me feel sorry for him - though I didn't let on. His befuddled expression reminded me of those unflattering photographs of presidents The New York Times and other newspapers adored sticking on their front page in order to show the world how the Great Leader looked between the staged waves, the scripted sound-bites, the rehearsed handshakes - not staunch and stately, not even steady, but frail and foolish. And though these candid photographs were amusing, when you actually thought about it, the underlying implication of such a photograph was scary, for they hinted how delicate the balance of our lives, how tenuous our calm little existences, if this was the man in charge.

— Marisha Pessl

There were times when I've not wanted to be in my own skin, and that's a very scary feeling.

— Rick Springfield

If what you do is being threatened as a profession, that could be scary. But that's the same reason why I walked out on stage many times after receiving death threats. I couldn't live without doing what I wanted to do. So at the same time I have to be willing to die for it.

— Marilyn Manson

So, who's going to tell Mrs Beale she's got a month to plan a wedding feast ?"
Hell's fire. Mrs Beale was a marvelous cook. She also had what he considered an unnatural relationship with her meat cleaver. Since he'd inherited SaDiablo Hall, he had gained a finer appreciation of why his father had stayed away from anything to do with the kitchen unless cornered. The woman was downright scary at times.
The fact that she and Beale, the Hall's butler, were happily married was something he tried not to think about because it made him wonder things about Beale he'd rather not wonder.
"If we both went to Amdarh, we could just write her a note," Jaenelle said.
He looked at Jaenelle. She looked at him.
"Good idea," he said.

— Anne Bishop

For me, I have having the time of my life playing this character [Louis Litt]. At times, it's unbelievably challenging and scary, when it comes to certain vulnerable areas that I don't necessarily want to go.

— Rick Hoffman

Change makes us confront the great unknown. It introduces different things into our lives. Different places. Different ideas. Different people. It's all hard to accept at times, and change can often be a little scary. But if there's one fact that I've learned from raising a family, from running several businesses, from serving in Congress and now as Governor, it's that nothing has ever grown without changing.

— Bob Riley

For me, the thing that I love about the show is the psychological thriller aspect of it. It's frightening and it's scary, and there are all these things that happen. You have these really dramatic scenes, and then you get in a scene with him and I can't tell you how many times I would start cracking up.

— Kyra Zagorsky

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