Quotes About Saying Sorry To A Mother

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Quotes About Saying Sorry To A Mother

Im over here in my unit, isolated and alone, eating my terrible tasting food, and I have to look over at that. That looks like the most fun Ive ever seen in my entire life, and its B.S. - excuse my language. Im just saying that I wash and dry; Im like a single mother. Look, we all know home-ec is a joke—no offense—its just that everyone takes this class to get an A, and its bullshit—and Im sorry. Im not putting down your profession, but its just the way I feel. I dont want to sit here, all by myself, cooking this shitty food—no offense—and I just think that I dont need to cook tiramisu. When am I gonna need to cook tiramisu? Am I going to be a chef? No. Theres three weeks left of school, give me a fuckin break! Im sorry for cursing.
— Seth —

But then, I deserve to lose you. For years you took care of me like a mother takes care of her child. You sacrificed for me. You loved me when I was unlovable and helped me when I scorned you. Saying thank you a thousand times wouldn't be enough. Saying I'm sorry a million times might be a start.

— Gena Showalter

A man who says that no patriot should attack the [war] until it is over is not worth answering intelligently; he is saying that no good son should warn his mother off a cliff until she has fallen over it. But there is an anti-patriot who honestly angers honest men ... he is the uncandid candid friend; the man who says, "I am sorry to say we are ruined," and is not sorry at all ... Granted that he states only facts, it is still essential to know what are his emotions, what is his motive. It may be that twelve hundred men in Tottenham are down with smallpox; but we want to know whether this is stated by some great philosopher who wants to curse the gods, or only by some common clergyman who wants to help the men.

— G.K. Chesterton

When I'm on stage, I'm not me playing me. I'm somebody else doing me. I could never go on stage and be like, "Hey, I'm Mike Tyson. My mother and father was in the sex industry." That's the politically correct way to say it, but I would really say, "My mother and father were pimps and whores. This is my life." I could never do that as Mike Tyson. Because I'd feel sorry for myself. But if I could be objective about it and be somebody else, portraying Mike Tyson, saying this story, then it's easy sailing.

— Mike Tyson

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