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Quotes About Robotics

The mystery of desire was way beyond the conceptual abilities of Jules Jacobson. It was like  ... robotics. Just another subject that she couldnt understand at all.
— Meg Wolitzer —

The worst feature of the Common Core is its anti-humanistic, utilitarian approach to education. It mistakes what a child is and what a human being is for. That is why it has no use for poetry, and why it boils the study of literature down to the scrambling up of some marketable "skill" [ ... ] you don't read good books to learn about what literary artists do ... you learn about literary art so that you can read more good books and learn more from them. It is as if Thomas Gradgrind had gotten hold of the humanities and turned them into factory robotics.

— Anthony Esolen

Mr Baley", said Quemot, "you can't treat human emotions as though they were built about a positronic brain".
"I'm not saying you can. Robotics is a deductive science and sociology an inductive one. But mathematics can be made to apply in either case.

— Isaac Asimov

TED Women will focus on the ideas and innovations championed by women and girls. These cover everything from community development to economic growth to biodynamic farming to robotics to medical treatments to the use of technology for personal safety and peace making.

— Pat Mitchell

Hands-on experience is the best way to learn about all the interdisciplinary aspects of robotics.

— Rodney Brooks

I ultimately got into robotics because for me, it was the best way to study intelligence.

— Sebastian Thrun

It's the first time an exoskeleton has been controlled by brain activity and offered feedback to the patients. Doing a demonstration in a stadium is something very much outside our routine in robotics. It's never been done before.

— Miguel Nicolelis

The reason it has taken so long for the robotics industry to move forward is because people keep trying to make something that is cool but difficult to achieve rather than trying to find solutions to actual human problems. Technology can be extremely expensive if you don't focus.

— Colin Angle

And now for Return to Flight, I'm chief of robotics working in the astronaut office in Houston, as a Canadian.

— Chris Hadfield

You need to use this as a lever to urge politicians to pass cautionary laws to put a stop to drones and especially robotics and artificial intelligence. People urge gun control after a school shooting, right? Well, we won't have to worry about a school shooter in the near future because he'll be cooking up a genetically engineered supervirus in his basement, and everyone on earth will be dead. You need to ensure that these technologies are treated like radioactive nuclear material, because that's how dangerous this is, and-

— James Patterson

Around the late 1990s, I'd become convinced that one of the killer applications of robotics came from connecting robots to the Internet. The idea of solving generalized artificial intelligence was still far away, but heck, I could rent brains by hiring operators. iRobot was the name of the company and one of our most ambitious projects, iRobot LE.

— Colin Angle

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