Quotes About Right Decisions In Life

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Quotes About Right Decisions In Life

Make the right decisions in life and youll never have to worry about saving $3 a day on lattes.
— Ramit Sethi —

You make all these decisions in your life, and they all seem like the right decisions at the time. You think you're doing the right thing. And it's only later that you realize, no, they were exactly the wrong decisions, and instead of bringing you what you wanted, they only carried you even farther away from your dreams. And somehow you've got to live with that.

— Alan Brennert

My request today is simple. Today. Tomorrow. Next week. Find somebody, anybody, that's different than you. Somebody that has made you feel ill-will or even hateful. Somebody whose life decisions have made you uncomfortable. Somebody who practices a different religion than you do. Somebody who has been lost to addiction. Somebody with a criminal past. Somebody who dresses "below" you. Somebody with disabilities. Somebody who lives an alternative lifestyle. Somebody without a home.
Somebody that you, until now, would always avoid, always look down on, and always be disgusted by.
Reach your arm out and put it around them.
And then, tell them they're all right. Tell them they have a friend. Tell them you love them.
If you or I wanna make a change in this world, that's where we're gonna be able to do it. That's where we'll start.
Every. Single. Time.

— Dan Pearce

Your ego's job isn't to serve you. Its only job is to keep itself in power. And right now, your ego's scared to death cuz it's about to get downsized. You keep up this spiritual path, baby, and that bad boy's days are numbered. Pretty soon your ego will be out of work, and your heart'll be making all the decisions. So your ego's fighting for its life, playing with your mind, trying to assert its authority, trying to keep you cornered off in a holding pen away from the rest of the universe. Don't listen to it.

— Elizabeth Gilbert

Life teaches you that you need to make decisions in the right time - not too early, not too late.

— Jeb Bush

The hardest decisions in life are not between good and bad or right and wrong, but between two goods or two rights.

— Joe Andrew

Everybody makes personal decisions that are right for them and if you're in political life, you're used to having those analyzed.

— Elizabeth Edwards

Make the right decisions in life and you'll never have to worry about saving $3 a day on lattes.

— Ramit Sethi

You can never predict what kind of tough decisions are going to come in front of a President's desk. But if you can trust that they will do the right thing, and maybe the hard thing, and maybe not the popular thing. And if you really want to know how a person will operate, look at how they've lived their life.

— Ann Romney

For the most important decisions in your life, trust your intuition, and then work with everything you have, to prove it right.

— Tim Cook

I believe that decisions about the timing and manner of death belong to the individual as a human right. I believe it is wrong to withhold medical methods of terminating life painlessly and swiftly when an individual has a rational and clear-minded sustained wish to end his or her life.

— A.C. Grayling

Our certainty that angels right now witness how we are walking through life should mightily influence the decisions we make. God is watching, and His angels are interested spectators too.

— Billy Graham

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