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Quotes About Reproducing

A typical city dog is neutered and doesnt have much interest in reproducing. However, thats not true of its owner, who will use the dog as an integral part of the pickup process. (Humans are the only animals that use other animals to facilitate mating. Have you ever seen a monkey use a squirrel to pick up another monkey?)
— BikeSnobNYC —

I don't think paper will go away. I do believe that the value of paper will change, and Xerox is working on changing that value. Consider a color page. Actual life is in color, but you keep reproducing it in black and white. You remove value. It's a bad thing to do.

— Ursula Burns

If the nation is not capable of preserving itself and reproducing, if it loses it vital bearings and ideals, then it doesn't need foreign enemies - it will fall apart on its own.

— Vladimir Putin

A man would create another man if one did not already exist, but a woman might live an eternity without even thinking of reproducing her own sex.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

When we really want to master anything, we must enter into the spirit of it. And when we enter into the spirit of something, what we're really doing is reproducing in ourselves the same qualities that whoever created it had.

— Wayne Dyer

Has it ever occurred to you how lucky you are to be alive? More than 99 percent of all the creatures that have ever lived have died without progeny, but not a single one of your ancestors falls into that group! ... Not a single one of your ancestors, all the way back to the bacteria, succumbed to predation before reproducing, or lost out in the competition for a mate.

— Daniel Dennett

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