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Quotes About Religion And God

I dont wear a cross. As a child, Id had a bad experience with one. Besides, a crucifix was the instrument of Our Lords death- I dont know why people think a torture device should be a symbol of Christ. Christ was a willing sacrifice, a lamb, not a cross for us to hang ourselves on; or at least thats my interpretation. Maybe other people think of religion and God differently than I do.
— Patricia Briggs —

There shouldn't be a separation of any religion in any way. Unfortunately, through the centuries there have been problems from the "My God is better than your God" mentality.

— Kevin Sorbo

It would seem that not only is religion lacking in the schools - so is common sense. I wonder what a teacher is supposed to say if a kid asks about those four words on a dime - 'In God We Trust.' Or maybe that's why they aren't being taught how to read these days.

— Ronald Reagan

Of all human and ancient opinions concerning religion, that seems to me the most likely and most excusable, that acknowledged God as an incomprehensible power, the original and preserver of all things, all goodness, all perfection, receiving and taking in good part the honour and reverence that man paid him, under what method, name, or ceremonies soever.

— Michel De Montaigne

Each religion has helped mankind. Paganism increased in man the light of beauty, the largeness and height of his life, his aim at a many-sided perfection; Christianity gave him some vision of divine love and charity; Buddhism has shown him a noble way to be wiser, gentler, purer, Judaism and Islam how to be religiously faithful in action and zealously devoted to God; Hinduism has opened to him the largest and profoundest spiritual possibilities.

— Sri Aurobindo

Religion, as distinguished from modern paganism, implies a life in conformity with nature. It may be observed that the natural life and the supernatural life have a conformity to each other which neither has with the mechanistic life ... A wrong attitude towards nature implies, somewhere, a wrong attitude towards God ... [We should] struggle to recover the sense of relation to nature and to God.

— T.S. Eliot

It has been said that true religion will make a man a more thorough gentleman than all the courts in Europe. And it is true that you may see simple laboring men as thorough gentlemen as any duke, simply because they have learned to fear God; and, fearing him, to restrain themselves, which is the very root and essence of all good breeding.

— Charles Kingsley

If anybody asks what Sufism is, what kind of religion is it, the answer is that Sufism is the religion of the heart, the religion in which the thing of primary importance is to seek God in the heart of mankind.

— Hazrat Inayat Khan

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