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Quotes About Reflection In Eyes

I looked for a scrape in my reflection and then, meeting my own eyes, stood for a sec and tried to figure, like all girls in all mirrors everywhere, the difference between lover and slut.
— Daniel Handler —

Looking at my reflection tonight, I see a new girl staring back at me. She has big hair and big eyes and a big heart. Not only is she the perfect size and pretty ... she is smart. -Mackenzie

— Tara Michener

I sleep through the next day. Each time I go to the bathroom, I try not to look in the mirror. Once, I catch my reflection: it looks like I've been punched in both eyes.
I can't talk about the day that follows that.

— Nina LaCour

I am thinking about the way that life can be so slippery; the way that a twelve-year-old girl looking into the mirror to count freckles reaches out toward herself and that reflection has turned into that of a woman on her wedding day, righting her veil. And how, when that bride blinks, she reopens her eyes to see a frazzled young mother trying to get lipstick on straight for the parent/teacher conference that starts in three minutes. And how after that young woman bends down to retrieve the wild-haired doll her daughter has left on the bathroom floor, she rises up to a forty-seven-year-old, looking into the mirror to count age spots.

— Elizabeth Berg

Look upon the world with loving eyes and the reflection everyone sees will contain love.

— Bryant McGill

Oh-shit!" I said again. There were two circular red patches on my cheeks. "I think I have some kind of allergic reaction."
"Only caused by rage," was Lesley's diagnosis when I told her what I saw. "How about your eyes? Are they flashing dangerously?"
I stared at my reflection. "Yes, sort of. I look a bit like Helena Bonham Caster as Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter. Rather threatening."
"That sounds okay. Listen, you go out now and flash them at everyone for all you're worth, right?

— Kerstin Gier

While I was busied in reflection, my eyes fell upon a narrow ledge in the eastern face of the rock, perhaps a yard below the summit upon which I stood. This ledge projected about eighteen inches, and was not more than a foot wide, while a niche in the cliff just above it, gave it a rude resemblance to one of the hollow-backed chairs used by our ancestors. I made no doubt that here was the 'devil's seat' alluded to in the MS., and now I seemed to grasp the full secret of the riddle.

— Edgar Allan Poe

His green eyes blazed with desire; such a different look than I'd known before. Chase had studied me, reading my feelings. Tucker was only trying to see his own reflection. Disturbing on several levels.

— Kristen Simmons

A woman should be able to see the reflection of herself within her lover's eyes. This tells you that you are all that your lover sees. However, by simply placing that thought into your mind, and creating that image, your illusion will blind you from what your lover truly sees. This is usually a woman's reality, until they start to demand the truth.

— Lionel Suggs

You will walk differently alone, dear, through a thicker atmosphere, forcing your way through the shadows of chairs, through the dripping smoke of the funnels. You will feel your own reflection sliding along the eyes of those who look at you. You are no longer insulated; but I suppose you must touch life in order to spring from it.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

It's like looking into a full-length mirror and seeing nothing but pure beauty in the reflection ... and then watching helplessly as it shatters into a thousand pieces before your eyes, knowing that you can do nothing to keep it from breaking ...

— J. Sterling

My parents, my teachers, my friends, my ex-wife-everybody held up a mirror and I accepted the image that came back. Well, it finally dawned on me that my reflection in others' eyes was the truth once removed.

— Richard Moran

Abundance is a direct reflection of your preparation to live abundantly. People who are ready for abundance keep their heads up, their eyes open and give thanks for everything they get.

— Iyanla Vanzant

Today when someone shakes hands with Modi & looks into his eyes, they don't see Modi, but the reflection of 125 crore Indians.

— Narendra Modi

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