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Quotes About Reality

Fiction though it is a fiction, should be written in a way that it feels like a reality, a reality every reader willingly or sometimes unwillingly goes through, until the reader finishes reading and sometimes even after that.
— Arti Honrao —

On the Brevity of Our Ties
Ties in this world last only for a time. We are husband and wife, parent and child, for a short period only. Once this reality sinks in, we cannot help treasuring each moment of our brief association.

— Kentetsu Takamori

Compulsive thinking has become a collective disease. Your whole sense of who you are is then derived from mind activity. Your identity, as it is no longer rooted in Being, becomes a vulnerable and ever-needy mental construct, which creates fear as the predominant underlying emotion. The one thing that truly matters is then missing from your life: awareness of your deeper self - your invisible and indestructible reality.

— Eckhart Tolle

It's amusing to me that we refer to people who live in their heads as detached, disturbed, or mad, when reality for anyone is actually a matter of the individual's state of mind. The mad truth-all people live in their heads. Whatever you think life is, it is.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

It's illegal to be gay in Little Rock - this is such a reality for so many people, but once people get to these bubbles of New York or L.A. or Boulder, Colorado, they forget.

— IO Tillett Wright

The most lively fancy aided by the strongest description cannot equal the reality of the opera.

— John Marshall

An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Virtual reality started for me in sort of an unusual place. It was the 1970s. I got into the field very young: I was seven years old. And the tool that I used to access virtual reality was the Evel Knievel stunt cycle.

— Chris Milk

Reality is only a dream, based on values and well worn principles, whereas the dream goes on forever.

— Ian Curtis

The mind may find unique ways to express what it conceives of reality, but reality remains unchanged by the mind's efforts.

— David Haas

It is painful to behold a man employing his talents to corrupt himself. Nature has been kinder to Mr. Burke than he is to her. He is not affected by the reality of distress touching his heart, but by the showy resemblance of it striking his imagination. He pities the plumage, but forgets the dying bird.

— Thomas Paine

The reality is our season prepared us so well that if we have to play Duke in the second game, we've done that three times this year. We've played North Carolina and Duke back-to-back that this would be the third time. We're just very prepared for this moment.

— Shay Doron

This is a vision Kaufman and Broad shares with Henry Cisneros, and together we have the resources and expertise to make vital new neighborhoods a reality.

— Bruce Karatz

Another factor is that in terms of the original compositions, this is our strongest year yet. Everyone wrote a fantastic piece and everyone really had a greater sense of how to write for this band
not only for this particular instrumentation, but for these particular players. Each year, the reality is getting closer to the ideal of a collective.

— Joshua Redman

Life becomes meaningful and all activities are purposeful only on the basis of faith in the enduring reality.

— Meher Baba

We live in a description of reality.

— Jean Houston

Leadership is the dream made reality.

— John C. Maxwell

I feel that your ambitions should always exceed the budget. That no matter what budget you're doing, you should be dreaming bigger than the budget you have, and then it's a matter of reigning it in to the reality. You try to make things count.

— Guillermo Del Toro

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