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Quotes About Ratchet

Yeah, it stings. But at least I feel something. Something besides hungry. Something besides afraid. Weird. I always thought cutters were sick. Sicker than me, even. But with a single swipe I understand why they do it. Why they like it, even though they hate it. I let the water run over the cut, ratchet it hotter, watch the blood slow, stutter, almost halt. I like the way the exposed flesh looks, all pinkish white. It looks new, although I know that isnt right. Its the same age as my skin, as my bones. Me. Its been there with me since the beginning. Been with me through thick. Thin. Daddy. Suddenly, I dont like how it looks at all.
— Ellen Hopkins —

When the genetic code was solved, in the early 1960s, it turned out to be full of redundancy. Much of the mapping from nucleotides to amino acids seemed arbitrary-not as neatly patterned as any of Gamow's proposals. Some amino acids correspond to just one codon, others to two, four, or six. Particles called ribosomes ratchet along the RNA strand and translate it, three bases at a time. Some codons are redundant; some actually serve as start signals and stop signals. The redundancy serves exactly the purpose that an information theorist would expect. It provides tolerance for errors. Noise affects biological messages like any other. Errors in DNA-misprints-are mutations.

— James Gleick

I love 'Watch the Throne,' because Kanye was acting so ratchet.

— Keith Stanfield

The more Mr. Putin extends the fighting in eastern Ukraine, the more the financial markets will ratchet up their own pressure on Russia.

— Roger Altman

By and large, the making of motion pictures is all about, 'Let's ratchet it up.' And I always think, 'We don't need to ratchet this up.' If you do, don't call it 'Captain Phillips' or 'The Maersk Alabama.' Call it something else, and then you have carte blanche to do anything, down to sea serpents and aliens.

— Tom Hanks

I think expectations might be preceding reality, ... In the long run we've got some real opportunity here, but we've come a long way too quickly. We may need to ratchet it back a little and set a new foundation to grow for the rest of the year, but continuing at this pace is going to be difficult.

— Michael Davies

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