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Quotes About Rangers Fc

The best signing I ever made at Rangers was Walter Smith.
— Graeme Souness —

[Rangers] discover the truth though it is surrounded by a bodyguard of lies.

— Ysbeau Wilace

What do you think?" I ask.
"Your suit looks like mine." Kenji frowns. "I'm supposed to be the one with the black suit. Why can't you have a pink suit? Or a yellow suit-"
"Because we're not the freaking Power Rangers," Winston says, rolling his eyes.

— Tahereh Mafi

I really learned how to act on camera through 'Power Rangers' because I hadn't done a lot of film and TV.

— Erin Cahill

I come from West London. I support a football team there called Queens Park Rangers, whom I'd like to give a shout-out to. I'm a die-hard Rangers fan. I think that I would always hopefully have a strong connection to and live in London, because it's a brilliant city.

— Ben Lloyd-Hughes

Halt shook his head. "You warriors don't do much geography in Battleschool, do you?"
Horace shrugged. "We're not big on that sort of thing. We wait for our leader to point to an enemy and say, 'Go whack him.' We leave geography and such to Rangers. We like you to feel superior."
"Go whack him, indeed," Halt said. "It must be comforting to lead such an uncomplicated life.

— John Flanagan

The Line makes itself felt,
thro' some Energy unknown, ever are we haunted by that Edge so precise, so near. In the Dark, one never knows. Of course I am seeking the Warrior Path, imagining myself as heroick Scout. We all feel it Looming, even when we're awake, out there ahead someplace, the way you come to feel a River or Creek ahead, before anything else,
sound, sky, vegetation,
may have announced it. Perhaps 'tis the very deep sub-audible Hum of its Traffic that we feel with an equally undiscover'd part of the Sensorium,
does it lie but over the next Ridge? the one after that? We have mileage Estimates from Rangers and Runners, yet for as long as its Distance from the Post Mark'd West remains unmeasur'd, nor is yet recorded as Fact, may it remain, a-shimmer, among the few final Pages of its Life as Fiction.

— Thomas Pynchon

I have your gun" I pulled the Ruger out of my bag and gave it to Ranger. He held the gun flat in his hand and looked at it. "It smells like orange blossoms."
"I washed it and sprayed it with air freshener"
"You washed it?"
"I wore rubber gloves and scrubbed it with my vegetable brush. It was.. icky"
He yanked open the driver's side door, pulled me out of the car, and kissed me. The kiss involved tongue, and a hand on my ass, and made my nipples tingle.
"I can always count on you to brighten my day" Ranger said.
Ranger drove off, and I got back into the Buick.
"That was hot," Lula said. "Imagine what he'd do if you washed his Glock
After Stephanie threw up on Rangers gun.

— Janet Evanovich

If I have one regret in my career, it is that I did not join Rangers a lot sooner.

— Ray Wilkins

The Red Sox didn't handle negotiations with any kind of respect for me and my family, and the Rangers were the total opposite.

— Mark Teixeira

We all love to see excellence as a fan, and I am a fan now watching excellence in the Rangers net.

— Mike Richter

Glasgow Rangers. God I loved playing for them

— Paul Gascoigne

It always seems to me odd to call a place a wilderness when every wilderness area in the US bristles with rules and regulations as to how you can behave, what you're allowed to do, and is patrolled by armed rangers enforcing the small print. They're parks, of course, not wildernesses at all.

— Jonathan Raban

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