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Quotes About Putty

I think that, like in my writing, reality is always a soap bubble, Silly Putty thing anyway. In the universe people are in, people put their hands through the walls, and it turns out theyre living in another century entirely. I often have the feeling — and it does show up in my books — that this is all just a stage.
— Philip K. Dick —

And even if we were hunting vampires, what the hell is the Silly Putty for?

— Pittacus Lore

I wondered if he'd appreciate my help: maybe if I attacked her with a pool chair and beat her into putty, she'd be distracted enough to leave him alone.

— Jane Harvey-Berrick

There were moments when life at school became a matter of utter indifference to him. Then the putty of his everyday concerns dropped out and, with nothing more to bind them together, the hours of his life fell apart.

— Robert Musil

He was trying to pave his way to heaven by plastering over his sins with the putty of religious zeal.

— Karen Marie Moning

The Silly Putty-like malleability of the institution [marriage], in fact, is the only reason we still have the thing at all. Very few people ... would accept marriage on it's thirteenth-century terms. Marriage survives, in other words, precisely because it evolves. (Though I suppose this would not be a very persuasive argument to those who probably also don't believe in evolution).

— Elizabeth Gilbert

Memories are like putty. We make of them what we will.

— Marty Rubin

I really love Andrew Dominik's movies. When you work with someone whose movies you really love and who you have a lot of admiration for, you turn into putty in their hands.

— Scoot McNairy

There is a crucifix, a few cloves of garlic, a wooden stake, a hammer, a blob of Silly Putty, and a pocketknife. "You do realize these people aren't vampires, right?" I say when Sam walks back in. "Yeah, but you never know. They're probably crazy, like you said." "And even if we were hunting vampires, what the hell is the Silly Putty for?" He shrugs. "Just want to be prepared.

— Pittacus Lore

He gave them advice in media relations and arbitration technique, he told them how to organize cells and committees, to elect leaders. They were so ignorant! Young men and women, educated very carefully to be apolitical, to be technicians who thought they disliked politics, making them putty in the hands of their rulers, just like always. It was appalling how stupid they were, really, and he could not help lashing into them. He left to cheers.

— Anonymous.

If you use a proprietary program or somebody else's web server, you're defenceless. You're putty in the hands of whoever developed that software.

— Richard Stallman

Say that again said the red gash in the white putty.

— Samuel Beckett

The clay or putty-like material stays soft and malleable enough to do so many, many times. In his infinite wisdom, God manufactured the self-image of similar material, so it remains malleable throughout our entire lives. No one is ever too old, too jaded, too frightened, or too traumatized to "wet the clay" and begin remaking it as they imagine and desire.

— Maxwell Maltz

If England was what England seems, And not the England of our dreams; But only putty, brass, and paint, 'Ow we'd chuck 'er- but she ain't!

— Rudyard Kipling

In a sense, the story, or poem or verse or whatever it is you're writing, you can kind of think of it as a kind of projectile. Imagine it is a kind of projectile which has been specially shaped to be aerodynamic, and that your target is the soft grey putty of the reader's brain.

— Alan Moore

The fact that people can forget these simple truths when intellectualizing about children shows how far modern doctrines have taken us. They make it easy to think of children as lumps of putty to be shaped instead of partners in a human relationship.

— Steven Pinker

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