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Quotes About Punctuation

Punctuation is over rated a fly on the page of the book can change it all to hell.
— Stanley Victor Paskavich —

I might not use capital letters. But I would definitely use an apostrophe ... and probably a period. I'm a huge fan of punctuation.

— Rainbow Rowell

Remember that death is the punctuation at the end of the sentence. It's up to us to decide what kind of punctuation it will be-a period or an exclamation point.

— Richard Paul Evans

Evan Connell said once that he knew he was finished with a short story when he found himself going through it and taking out commas and then going through the story again and putting the commas back in the same places. I like that way of working on something. I respect that kind of care for what is being done. That's all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones, with the punctuation in the right places so that they an best say what they are meant to say. If the words are heavy with the writer's own unbridled emotions, or if they are imprecise and inaccurate for some other reason
if the worlds are in any way blurred
the reader's eyes will slide right over them and nothing will be achieved. Henry James called this sort of hapless writing 'weak specification'.

— Raymond Carver

The punctuation of anniversaries is terrible, like the closing of doors, one after another between you and what you want to hold on to.

— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

There's a great deal of stripping away; in early drafts, I may say the same thing two or three times, and each may be appropriate, but I try to pick the best and improve it. I work on sound a great deal, and I will change a word or two, revise punctuation and line breaks, looking for the sound I want.

— Donald Hall

Drama, she'd learned, was like good punctuation: it underscored your point.

— Kristin Hannah

Maximum sentence length: seventeen words. Minimum:one No semicolons. Semicolons indicate relationships that only idiots need defined by punctuation. Besides, they are ugly. Make sure each sentence is at least four words longer or shorter than the one before it.

— Richard Hugo

Accent and emphasis are the pith of reading; punctuation is but secondary.

— Benjamin Disraeli

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