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Quotes About Protocols

The method of science is tried and true. It is not perfect, its just the best we have. And to abandon it, with its skeptical protocols, is the pathway to a dark age.
— Carl Sagan —

You cannot train yourself to successfully and sustainedly unsee and unhear — you do them all the time, but they also fail, repeatedly, and you cheat, repeatedly, in all sorts of small ways. The book mentions that several times. It is absolutely about absolute fidelity to those particular urban protocols, exaggerations or extrapolations of the ones that I think are all around us all the time in the real world; but it's also about cheating them, and failing them, and playing a little fast and loose, which I think is an inextricable part of such norms.

— China Miéville

I had a great time investigating the pigments of different mutant fruit flies by following experimental protocols published in Scientific American, and I also remember making my own beetle collection when it was still acceptable to make such collections.

— Paul Nurse

Fortunately for me, I'm still evolving into the person I'm supposed to be. And though they don't know it yet, and may not come to accept it, I'm done living by their protocols or anyone else's.
I'm the only one who will take credit for my successes. And I'm the only one who will take the blame for my mistakes.
From now on, I live for me.

— Megan McCafferty

You can manage cancer. You don't have to be degraded by humiliating treatments and protocols. And in some cases, you can be cured of cancer.

— Suzanne Somers

Netscape brought the Internet alive with the browser. They made the Internet so that Grandma could use it, and her grandchildren could use it. The second thing that Netscape did was commercialize a set of open transmission protocols so that no company could own the Net.

— Thomas Friedman

The protocols of science fiction and the protocols of science are not separate-they'r e woven together.

— Ellen Gallagher

If you have never read the Protocols, you know nothing about the Jewish question.

— Henry Hamilton Beamish

Nancy [Kassebaum] and I worked on a women's health agenda when I first came. Women were not included in the protocols at NIH, the famous study, 'take an aspirin a day, keep the doctor, you know, a heart attack away.' It was done on ten thousand male medical students.

— Barbara Mikulski

Ebola has not yet come into contact with modern medicine in West Africa. But when protocols for the provision of high quality supportive care are followed, the case fatality rate for Ebola may be lower than 20 percent.

— Paul Farmer

Now, if someone tries to monopolize the Web, for example pushes proprietary variations on network protocols, then that would make me unhappy.

— Tim Berners-Lee

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