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Quotes About Progress

Desire is the motivating force behind all progress and advancement in science, art, industry and in all phases of life.
— Joseph Murphy —

Hey, you know I might not be perfect! But I'm a wonderful work in progress!

— D.C. Akers

Without a struggle, there can be no progress.

— Frederick Douglass

The progress of her aging seemed to occur in fits and starts, not so much a matter of physical growth as a deepening self-possession, as if she were coming into ownership of her life.

— Justin Cronin

At this Linda gave up. Children might or might not enjoy air-raids actually in progress, but a child who was not thrilled by the idea of them was incomprehensible to her, and she could not imagine having conceived such a being. Useless to waste any more time and breath on this unnatural little girl.

— Nancy Mitford

I especially love watching Marcus Aurelius fighting his perfectionism in order to get back to work on his writing, regardless of the results. "Get a move on," he writes to himself, "and don't worry whether anyone will give you credit for it. And don't go expecting Plato's 'Republic;' be satisfied with even the smallest progress, and treat the outcome of it all as unimportant." Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds it endearing and encouraging that a legendary Roman philosopher had to reassure himself that it's okay not to be Plato. Really, Marcus, it's okay! Just keep working.

— Elizabeth Gilbert

The process of discovery (or innovation, or technological progress) itself depends on antifragile tinkering, aggressive risk bearing rather than formal education.

— Nassim Nicholas Taleb

A career must be husbanded. Care must be taken. Everyday must bring some small bit of progress. How would an artist with any self-worth act? Act that way.

— Julia Cameron

How can the world progress if women don't consider men ... the Man ... first?

— Arlene Dahl

Research is an expression of faith in the possibility of progress. The drive that leads scholars to study a topic has to include the belief that new things can be discovered, that newer can be better, and that greater depth of understanding is achievable. Research, especially academic research, is a form of optimism about the human condition.

— Henry Rosovsky

Desire is the motivating force behind all progress and advancement in science, art, industry and in all phases of life.

— Joseph Murphy

Progress, the religion of those who have none.

— Lord Acton

You must question a code of ethics that never impedes your progress.

— Robert Breault

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