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Quotes About Practice Of Law

The study and practice of law ... does not dissolve the obligations of morality or of religion.
— John Adams —

The next week she withheld my paycheck until I signed a document (drafted by David) in which I promised not to marry Connor. Ever. I signed the document, took the check, and had David draft another document forbidding all Spellmans to practice any form of blackmail. David tried to explain to me that a contract in which you promise not to break the law is ultimately redundant, but I didn't care.

— Lisa Lutz

I got into law school to supplement my business background. I'm not planning to practice law.

— Shannon Miller

Law and order is a social service. Crime and the fear which the threat of crime induces can paralyse whole communities, keep lonely and vulnerable elderly people shut up in their homes, scar young lives and raise to cult status the swaggering violent bully who achieves predatory control over the streets. I suspect that there would be more support and less criticism than today's political leaders imagine for a large shift of resources from Social Security benefits to law and order - as long as rhetoric about getting tough on crime was matched by practice.

— Margaret Thatcher

[you'll acquire] A certain amount of cynicism. This business works on you. When you were in law school you had some noble idea what a lawyer should be. A champion of individual rights; a defender of the Constitution; a guardian of the oppressed; an advocate for your client's principles. Then after you practice for six months you realize you were nothing but hired guns. Mouthpieces for sale to the highest bidder, available to anybody, any crook, any sleazebag with enough money to pay your outrageous fees. Nothing shocks you. It's supposed to be an honorable profession, but you'll meet so many crooked lawyers you'll want to quit and find an honest job. Yeah Mitch, you'll get cynical. And it's sad, really.

— John Grisham

If you start comparing my practice of law to what I could have been - selling bananas - you'll know why I gave money to the University of Texas.

— Joe Jamail

The market tends to pay as a wage what an individual laborer is worth. But the case last studied suggests the question how accurately the law operates in practice. May it not be an honest law, but be so vitiated in its working as to give a dishonest result?

— John Bates Clark

There was a time when I was practicing law in New York and I wanted to find something else to do. So I ended up leaving the practice of law to pursue my art and it just happened to be out of Lego bricks.

— Nathan Sawaya

Did you always know you wanted to practice law?" She considers this - considers the truth - that she had no real passion for the law, but simply wanted to achieve for the sake of achievement ... But of course, she did not divulge any of this, and instead says, "No, not really.

— Emily Giffin

In practice, the ocean is the world's wildest place because of both its fearsome natural danger and how easy it is out there to slip from the boundaries of law and civilization that seem so firm ashore.

— Rose George

I'm a recovering lawyer. The practice of law has changed. Every agreement is a fight.

— Elizabeth Edwards

Next to the ministry I know of no more noble profession than the law. The object aimed at is justice, equal and exact, and if it does not reach that end at once it is because the stream is diverted by selfishness or checked by ignorance. Its principles ennoble and its practice elevates.

— William Jennings Bryan

The study and practice of law ... does not dissolve the obligations of morality or of religion.

— John Adams

I can't see that it's wrong to give him a little legal experience before he goes out to practice law.

— John F. Kennedy

American labor rights activist, on activities of the National Farm Workers Association Human law may know no distinction among men in respect of rights, but human practice may.

— Frederick Douglass

The study of law is valuable as a mental discipline, but the practice of pleading tends to make one petty, formal, and insincere. To be driven to look to legality rather than to equity blurs the view of truth and justice.

— John Lancaster Spalding

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